Real life Barbie admits she can never pass a mirror without looking in it

A self-titled 'Barbie' admitted she can 'never' pass a mirror without looking in it.

Living in pink coloured clothing (mainly hot pink tracksuits) the blonde bombshell is known online for her resemblance to the plastic doll.

She even boasts 4.7 million TikTok followers – and, just like the toy herself, this 'Barbie' has confidence in the bucket loads.

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In a recent clip, the doll-like influencer shared that she is well acquainted with her reflection.

So much so, she can't help but take a good look at herself at any chance she gets.

The 'Barbie' first posed without any makeup on to show off her natural beauty.

Instead of her usual bright coloured attire, the TikToker rocked a white tank top as she let her long tresses down.

Smoothly, she wiped her vanity mirror over and edited in a transition that transported her into full plastic doll uniform.

As she posed, the 'Barbie' admired her reflection as she donned her much-loved pink tracksuit and face of full glam.

"I never pass a mirror without looking in it", the influencer admitted.

It is no surprise that the 'Barbie' lookalike received compliments from fans, not just from herself.

One person commented: "Literally such a show off."

Another user added: "As she should."

While a third praised: "Slaying without makeup too babe."

Someone else gushed: "You are beauty itself."

Meanwhile, a fifth declared: "Queen."

However, the doll wannabe is not the only one to love the colour pink.

Porn star and OnlyFans star Daisy May also loves the shade.

The 'sex unicorn' who bonks married couples cannot get enough of the 'feminine' colour and so she dyed her hair pink and calls herself a 'pink princess'


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