‘RHOBH’: PK Kemsley Throws Major Shade At Kyle Richards Over Lisa Vanderpump Feud

‘RHOBH’ fans know all too well how husbands like to get involved in the drama on the show, but PK took things a bit too far during the April 23 episode, when he dissed Kyle.

During the April 23 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards‘ feud continued. But what’s funny about it is the fact that LVP wasn’t even around to cause any of the drama (this time, at least). Instead, that role went to Dorit‘s husband, PK Kemsley, who took a swipe at Kyle over her now-famous feud with Lisa. While backstage at Boy George‘s concert (PK manages Boy George), Kyle said that she would be “vulnerable” on stage with thousands of people staring at her, so she gave the legendary singer a lot of credit for being able to do such a thing.

And while it was a nice sentiment, PK took the opportunity to throw shade at Kyle by saying, “You’d have issues. You can’t even get along with your best friend.” His “joke”, as he called it, took everyone by surprise, including his wife. “You’re in the same f***ing position,” Kyle shot back at PK. “I don’t want to burst your bubble PK, but Lisa’s not talking to you [either].” However, he begged to differ. PK revealed that, hours before the concert, he actually called Lisa’s husband, Ken Todd, and asked if they could get together and talk things out. Ken reluctantly agreed, and now PK seems to think he and Dorit can become besties with LVP and Ken again. But will it come at the expense of his and Dorit’s friendship with Kyle?

Kyle became furious. During her confessional, she asked, “The whole reason I even got into this situation was speaking up on your wife’s behalf and now, you’re giving me a jab and trying to get back into Lisa and Ken’s good graces? Is that what’s happening here?” And later, when Kyle was seen leaving the concert with Camille, Teddi and Lisa Rinna by her side, she said, “Forget [about] me, it’s f***ing disrespectful to his own wife to talk like that. Good luck having sex with your wife tonight.” Then, they all laughed.

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Once the ladies were outside, Dorit came out and tried apologizing on her husband’s behalf, but Kyle was still hurt. And Teddi interjected, which only angered Dorit even more. Dorit asked Teddi to please let her speak without getting interrupted — “Can you give me just thirty seconds without jumping in?” — so Teddi did just that, but she also didn’t like how Dorit “snapped” at her. Fortunately, after Dorit and Kyle worked their own issue out, Dorit then apologized to Teddi as Lisa Rinna stood by and coached them through it.

Meanwhile, Denise Richards went to lunch with Lisa Vanderpump in hopes of mediating the situation between LVP and the other ladies, but nothing really came from it. Lisa still doesn’t want to reunite with the women. Ah well — at least we got to see Denise prep for the lunch while she worked out with her super hot husband, Aaron Phypers, in the gym. Hot damn, those are some big muscles!

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