Scott Disick May Enjoy ‘Pitting’ Kourtney Kardashian & Sofia Richie Against Each Other: Expert Explains

Scott Disick’s got love for both the mother of his children, Kourtney Kardashian, and his girlfriend, Sofia Richie. But is he purposely pitting them against each other?

Kourtney Kardashian, 39, has been spending a lot of time with Scott Disick, 35, — and she’s been posting the pics to Instagram to prove it. His girlfriend Sofia Richie, 20, isn’t too thrilled with the photos — especially the most recent shot Kourtney posted of her and Scott in bed together. So, does Sofia have every right to be upset? Or is this the new normal for co-parenting in 2018? We spoke to our favorite family therapist to get some answers.

Dr. Jenn Mann, author of The Relationship Fix: Dr. Jenn’s 6-Step Guide to Improving Communication, Connection & Intimacy, EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife “[Kourtney] has decided to post these very provocative pictures that look very possessive. They seem to say, ‘Look, we are a family.’ And since she is repeatedly posting these kinds of pictures apparently Scott isn’t saying, ‘Don’t do that because it’s not respectful to my girlfriend.’ I think that he is not having his girlfriend’s back unless she really just doesn’t care. But I think most women would care.” We agree, it would be pretty hard to remain unfazed — especially considering how hot Kourtney looks in all the pictures she’s been posting.

And in case you were wondering what Kourtney’s trying to say with these provocative pics, we got Dr. Jenn to give her professional opinion. “These pictures are either possessive or, ‘Look how hot I am.’ It’s not totally clear. But it comes across as possessive and it does seem like a message to Sofia. Kourtney could do, ‘Look how hot I am,’ pictures without having Scott in the background. So, since Scott is in the background, it does seem like a message to Sofia. The best reaction Sofia could have is to not create any drama and talk about it directly with Scott it she has feelings about it.” So far Sofia is staying far out of the fray — good move girl! But, as HollywoodLife previously reported, Sofia definitely isn’t happy that Kourtney’s been flaunting her family photos.

So, where does Scott stand in all of this? According to Dr. Jenn, even though he’s not the one posting the pictures, he may be more complicit than he appears. “It’s hard to know exactly how Scott is feeling about these pictures Kourtney has been posting but clearly he’s going over there. And these pictures aren’t selfies, so he had to be aware the pictures were being taken. Either he’s condoning it, or maybe some part of him likes pitting these two women against each other. Maybe it makes him feel important and desirable and on some level maybe he likes it. Otherwise why wouldn’t he put a stop to it and say please don’t post these pictures? It does seem that something about this situation is working for him.” Say it isn’t so Scott!

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