Social media users share the times they saw children being brats

Bratty behaviour! Social media users share snaps of VERY naughty children – from a boy who smashed his new game console in a rage to a girl who threw a tantrum over a Frappuccino

  • Hilarious gallery shows  kids from around the world behaving badls
  • One girl from US used her parents Amazon account to buy $300 of toys
  • A trio of kids stole all the Halloween sweets left out for the whole street 
  • One 10-year-old included Gucci sliders, AirPods and $4,000 on Christmas list 

Children can brighten up our lives with their funny antics, but there’s no denying that they can have the exact opposite effect when they’re acting up.  

From a child who screamed when he was stopped from blowing out his brother’s birthday candles to a child who dropped litter on a coach, social media users have shared hilariously aggravating snaps of children behaving badly.

The entertaining snaps from across the globe, collated in an online gallery by Bored Panda, include a Christmas list from a very optimistic ten-year-old, who wanted evertything from AirPods to a MacBook and Gucci slides. 

Another snap shows an exhausted parent selling five broken televisions their son ruined while playing Fortnite, while an exasperated man took drastic action by sitting directly on top of a boy’s legs when he refused to take them off a free seat on the train.  

Let’s hope she’s been VERY good! This optimistic ten-year-old from the US isn’t asking for much this year – as long as her parents are millionaires 

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Yes, the behaviour IS bad! This child was looking for someone to agree with him, but in reality his actions were just too bad to overlook

How ungrateful: This father from the US was forced to resell the headphones he bought for his son 

Refusing to give in: This parent let her child throw a tantrum rather than buy her the drink 

This sneaky sibling made a huge fuss out of not being able to blow out their brother’s birthday candle, but thanks to Dad, the birthday boy remained happ

This child taking up seats with his feet got a swift lesson from a man who really didn’t fancy standing for the entire journey

Causing destruction: A shop worker in the US when a child created this mess in a store

How about getting outside? There’s such a thing as too much time spent playing video games and this is a prime example

I dn’t remember that Amazon order! This naughty girl from the US looks very pleased with her haul, no doubt her parents were not pleased at all thought

This child from the US saw an opportunity to get what they wanted and jumped at the chance—you know what they say… it pays to bite stuffed animals

This little terror decided that littering and kicking the seats in front of him was a worthy way to spend his time on a coach

This unsuspecting car hire company got a nasty surprise when parents let their children spread their mess all over the floor

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