Spoilers: 7 questions we have after Part 2 of Neighbours' 35th anniversary

Neighbours kicked off its 35th anniversary last night, as the wedding expo got underway at Lassiters in the daytime instalment of the Channel 5 soap, while sinister Finn Kelly (Robb Mills) set in motion his plan to remove all obstacles so that he and Elly Conway (Jodie Anasta) can be together on a remote island.

The second part of the anniversary week took place tonight, with two additional offerings which saw quite a lot take place — both in Ramsay Street and on the island.

Gary’s (Damien Richardson) wedding to Prue (Denise Van Outen) was meant to take place at Lassiter’s but that didn’t quite transpire, while on the island villainous Finn ensured that nothing got in the way of his plan to be with Elly.

As the second day of the 35th anniversary comes to a close, here are the biggest questions we’re left with.

Is Toadie dead?

Toadie discovered the boat that Bea (Connie Anderson) allegedly used to leave the island, only its presence on said island indicates that she never left — something which naturally troubled Toadie.

Unfortunately for him, he came face-to-face to with Finn, who — terrified that the truth about what he did to Bea would out — decided to remove Toadie from the equation by hitting him over the head with a large boulder, before sending him out to sea with a hole in the boat.

Will Erinsborough legend Toadie live to see another day? Or has Finn’s villainous revenge cost the icon his life?

Is Harry Sinclair’s fate sealed?

In a shock twist, Harry Sinclair revealed that he’d witnessed Finn’s attempt to kill Bea and thus filmed the whole thing and uploaded it to his personal cloud.

In an effort to convince Harry that he cared for him, Finn dropped his towel and the pair had sex. In spite of his incessant attempts to convince him to delete the footage, Harry refused to do so until he got to the mainland, so the question is: will Finn allow him that courtesy?

Or will his anger result in him killing his associate?

Did Roxy and Kyle sleep together?

During both last night and tonight’s late-night instalments, the camp-dwellers couldn’t help but note the evident chemistry between Kyle (Chris Milligan) and Roxy (Zima Anderson).

The pair went for a late-night swim, and once they returned to the tent, they spoke about how special such a moment would be if they were in a relationship, before brushing the idea off and returning to their separate beds.

However, the chemistry was incredibly apparent, and the following morning, all of the campmates gossiped about the pair — enquiring as to whether or not they slept together.

Is this the end for Gary and Prue?

During the first of today’s two instalments, Gary and Prue came to blows in regards to Prue’s reasons for returning to Erinsborough and committing to Gary, and therefore Gary decided to call it a day on their relationship.

However, Prue wasn’t willing to give up, and therefore headed off to rescue what’s left of her partnership with the man she believes to be her soulmate.

With Gary on his way to the island, will Prue end up with him? Or will she be able to make him return to Lassiters and get married?

Will Elly discover what Finn is up to?

Elly has been fighting her feelings for Finn for a number of months now, but she has no idea that all of his sinister memories have returned, and therefore she’s no idea of what he’s done to Bea.

Will she discover what he’s up to before it’s too late?

Are Harlow and Hendrix in danger?

Both Harlow and Hendrix hitched a ride to the island with Harry, but the teenagers later decided to go off on a separate trail to that of their elders — something which Harry later relayed to Finn when he came face-to-face with him.

It appeared as if Finn was on his way to search for Harlow and Hendrix when he encountered Toadie, and — after dealing with the issue at hand — he returned to his mission.

Will Harlow and Hendrix face Finn’s wrath? Or will they find the others — or Bea — before it’s too late?

Will Bea be found before it’s too late?

Finn was determined to remove Bea from his life so that he could be with Elly, and thus he pushed her into the mine during the previous late-night instalment.

However, during the second visit to the island, the character barely featured — aside from a brief scene at the beginning of the episode, so the question is: will she be found before it’s too late?

Or will she perish in the mine?

Neighbours Late: Endgame continues Wednesday 18 March at 10pm on Channel 5.

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