Survivor Live Blog: 5 Players Fight It Out To Win $1 Million Live Updates

Follow along throughout the finale episode of season 41 of ‘Survivor,’ where one of the five remaining contestants will win the title of Sole Survivor.

Five players are left during the finale of season 41 of Survivor. The final five are Xander Hastings, Ricard Foye, Heather Aldret, Deshawn Radden and Erika Casupanan. With just three days left, after an already grueling season, the group has to start over on a new island with no food and no shelter. Erika and Deshawn hash out their feud from the last tribal council, where Deshawn publicly told the tribe that Erika had no plans to bring Heather, her number one ally, to the end of the game.

Understandably, though, Erika is still frustrated, and the next day, Heather makes it clear that she’s upset with Erika. Deshawn insists that he only blew up Erika’s game out of frustration, as he was on the bottom at the previous tribal. At tree mail, the players are all given a phrase to unscramble, which is a clue to an advantage. Then, they have to use the clue to find said advantage.

Erika finds the advantage, which gives her a “small advantage” at the next immunity challenge. The challenge is an obstacle course with a 75-piece puzzle at the end. Erika’s advantage is that her ladders in the obstacle course will have some rungs already built in place, while the other players will need to place all the rungs themselves.

Erika wins the immunity/reward challenge, and chooses Heather to go on the reward with her so they can make amends. She apologizes to Heather and Heather assures her that her hurt feelings are with Deshawn, not Erika. Going into tribal council, Xander has hidden immunity idol that he can’t use past this vote, so he’s safe, along with Erika. Due to Heather not being as big of a threat, the vote is between Ricard and Deshawn.

While Ricard has been a bigger threat throughout most of the game, he also formed a close bond with Erika, Heather and Xander during the last several votes. Plus, it’s clear that Heather and Erika can’t stand Deshawn at the moment. Ricard does everything in his power to convince Erika and Heather to keep him.

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