Sutton Foster's Daughter's Toy Obsession Proves 'Girl Toys / Boy Toys' Are Dead

Sutton Foster can do no wrong, can she? Whether she’s singing on a Broadway stage (or in her friend’s driveway), starring alongside Debi Mazur and Hilary Duff in Younger, or popping up in The Gilmore Girls reboot, Foster manages to be an out-of-this-world talent with down-to-earth energy. And when she’s not using her superpowers singing and acting, she’s mom and sous chef to daughter Emily Dale, whom she adopted with husband Ted Griffin after her birth in 2017.

Foster previously opened up to People about her struggles with IVF and her ultimate journey to adoption: “I was so angry that it was so hard. I’m so used to being the type of person where if I want to make something happen, I make it happen. It was really frustrating. And we were racing against the clock. I was always trying to make sense of why it wasn’t working. I always thought, there has to be a reason. Now I realize Emily was so clearly meant to be our daughter. She was the reason!”

Emily is also the reason Foster has gotten so good at baking, Beatles jams, and playing Hot Wheels, so we’re fans of this little gal already. We chatted with Foster about all things #momlife, her recent partnership with LACTAID, and her favorite ways to keep occupied during this long dark quarantine of our souls that has been 2020.

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The books my kid reads on repeat

“My daughter is obsessed with ALL books. It’s hard to pick one. We went through a Dr. Seuss phase, a Piggie and Gerald phase, a Pete the Cat phase. I guess I’d have to pick Pete The Cat because he’s so groovy.”

What I’m currently reading myself

“I’m re-reading The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. And the book I read before that was Magic Lessons by Alice Hoffman because I voiced the audio book.”

The kid snacks I always keep on hand

“It is so simple, but one of our favorite snacks is the classic combination of milk and cookies. We love to bake our own cookies. We’ve done a lot more cooking and baking while being home during this time. There’s nothing that compares to cookies with a cold, refreshing glass of LACTAID milk, which is 100% real milk, just without the lactose. The best part is that it doesn’t bother sensitive stomachs, which I have.”

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The beauty product that’s always in my bag

“Chapstick! I’m not a big makeup person so often I leave the house au naturel, but I always have chapstick.”

The apps that make my life as a parent easier

“My favorite apps have to do with cooking. So I’d say the Food Network app, and I have a couple of games on my phone that Emily can play like Endless ABC and Endless 123.“

My favorite mom accounts to follow

“ is a great account on IG about kids and food and picky eaters. My daughter is a pretty good eater, but just gave me peace of mind about food portions and even clever ways of offering food. Tiny cookie cutters to cut out toast. I also follow @Theconsciouskid to help me navigate talking about race at home.”

The non-screen activities that keep my kid occupied

“We really don’t have a lot of screen time which is so great. Emily has a vivid imagination. She also loves her Hot Wheels cars, her scooters, coloring, craft projects, baking with mommy, going on bike rides, or hiking.”

A post shared by Sutton Foster (@suttonlenore)

The TV shows I actually enjoy watching with my kid

“When we watch TV we watch Daniel Tiger or Classical Baby… and we just recently starting watching Snoopy in Space.”

The kid-friendly music I don’t hate playing around the house

“Emily always requests The Beatles!”

My favorite kid subscription

“One of our favorite subscriptions was Baby Bug Magazine when she was younger. Now I want to get her a subscription to Highlights For Children.“

Top picks for kid skincare & bath

“I love the Burt’s Bees bath and shower soap. We keep it simple. And of course Aquaphor.”

Under-the-radar kids brands I love

“My favorite place to buy clothes for her is CHASER. It’s also my favorite go-to place for comfy casual clothing but they have amazing stuff for kids. Super soft and cute sweatshirts, sweatpants, leggings and dresses… Especially for being at home a lot more. All of their clothing is super soft and comfortable.”

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