‘Tan Mom’ isn’t bronzed down under — if you dare to watch her music video

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She is finally revealing her infamous tan lines.

Patricia “Tan Mom” Krentcil, 53, shamelessly shows her true colors — a suntan that pales in comparison to her pasty posterior — in a forthcoming music video for her new song, “#Glossy.”

The unsightly visuals include a copper penny-bronzed Krentcil flailing around on the ground to mimic her near-death experience in 2019 while wearing a skimpy sequin number that comes dangerously close to exposing her multi-hued nether regions.

“Coma, coma, coma, I was dead on the floor,” she sings in the video while writhing on the ground and leaving little to the imagination. “Can’t you understand I can’t take anymore?”

The tune, which includes an unhealthy dose of autotune, goes on with Krentcil repeating the lyrics, “Stick me with your needles and your pins,” an homage to her near-death experience two years ago when she was placed in a medically induced coma after a battle with pneumonia.

After she declares “no more needles … no more drugs,” she also proclaims, “I’m hype, I’m hot, I’m hip, I’m hot, I’m glossy!”

The video also features her “pop partner,” Adam Barta, with whom she’s collaborated on past music videos like “Life of the Party” and “Free 2 Be Me” when she launched a music career in 2018. Barta, 41, is also known for working with Octomom and Sydney Leathers on their pop music debuts.

“I’m not the best singer in the whole entire world,” Krentcil told The Post. “[Barta] is definitely the voice, the better voice.”

In the video, the pair wear the pandemic’s must-have accessory — sequined face masks — though she notes she’s partial to wearing “pink lipstick,” a “mini dress,” a “high pony” and “Louboutins” to make her feel “real Glossy” — which, for Barta, makes him break out his best “jazz hands” move.

And naturally, for Krentcil, it comes with some spray tan.

“Just tan, it’s not that wrong,” she sings in the dismaying ditty, which was released in 2020.

Krentcil, who became “famous” after she was accused of bringing her then-5-year-old daughter Anna into a New Jersey tanning bed, reflected on her years in the limelight with The Post — and maintained her innocence.

“I was dubbed ‘Tan Mom’ all over tabloids, and this turned into the most massive hurricane in the world,” Krentcil said during The Post’s “I Survived Internet Infamy” series. “It went global. There are no words to describe what happened to me and my family.”

She was accused of child endangerment but, ultimately, a grand jury declined to indict Krentcil in 2013 and she did not lose custody.

“I did nothing wrong, period,” she said. “I got so sick from it all — I started drinking and making a fool of myself.”

While some may consider Tan Mom’s latest music video to be foolish, Krentcil said she’s but merely two people coexisting in the world.

“It doesn’t bother me anymore. It’s two separate people,” she told The Post. “There’s Tan Mom, celebrity, and then there’s Patricia Marie, Mom.”

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