Tattoo model shares heartbreaking meaning behind bold face inking

Amber Luke has shared the poignant message behind her bold face tattoo.

The alternative model, from Brisbane, Australia, has the words “They come they go” inked onto her face.

She uses the quote to remind herself that relationships can be fleeting.

While she used to feel abandoned when connections fizzled, she’s grown a thick skin in recent years.

The 26-year-old said: “People will always come in and out of your life – but the real ones will see your worth and how much effort you put into all of your relationships (lover, friends, family).

“I got ‘they come they go’ tattooed on my right face cheek two years ago for a good reason.”

Amber continued: “I should be triggered these days from the abandonment I face – but it doesn’t hit me like it used to anymore.

“I have grown so resilient to the fact that these disposable people come in and out of my life so frequently and it’s all because of the fact I wear my heart on my sleeve.

“When people can’t get what they want – or I won’t do what they want anymore, I become the bad person in the situation. I’m then the ‘toxic’ one.

“Hands up if you’re a well-known ‘toxic person’ to half of society who didn’t get what they want from you… Lol.

“Speaks volumes.”

Amber’s post garnered more than 900 likes – and many agreed with her message.

One wrote: “So true, I relate so much.”

Another said: “I can totally relate. Thank you for sharing this!”

A third wrote: “I think every woman has experienced this at some point in their lives and it’s terribly sad. But hey, here’s to strong women! May we always be them.”

And a fourth added: “This hits so close to home, thank you for speaking the truth.”

Amber, who first went under the needle as a teenager, has covered 98% of her body in ink over the last decade.

She has more than 600 tattoos – including geometric designs all over her chest, portraits on her thighs and bold eyeball ink.

The influencer also has body modifications like dermal piercings, stretched ears and a split tongue.

Even though she’s altered her looks a lot over the years, it’s unlikely Amber will be stopping any time soon.

She's currently in the process of getting the sleeves on her arms blacked out, which is excruciatingly painful to do.

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