Terrified resident leaves note for postman after spider ‘holds mail hostage’

A resident’s fear of spiders stopped them from collecting their post.

As the creepy crawly had been living in the mailbox, they were too terrified to reach in and grab any letters.

So after tip-toeing around the arachnid, they decided to enlist their postman to help.

The @neighborsfromhell Instagram page shared a letter they wrote to their postie.

It reads: “Dear Mr Postman! Beholder of parcels, bringer of utility bills.

“I write to you on this day to ask a simple task of you. Living on the right side of my mailbox is a spider, seemingly holding my mail hostage.”

The note adds: “If you could remove him for me, either by relocation or brutal murder, I would be forever in your debt.

“Signed, resident.”

The arachnophobe jokingly drew a picture of an eight-legged insect to get their point across even further.

And it hasn’t taken long for the letter to go viral.

On Instagram, it’s garnered more than 13,000 likes and dozens of comments.

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One responder joked: “The drawing of the spider is just so vivid.”

Another said: “This is something I would do.”

A third commented: “This just made me laugh.”

And a fourth added: “So cute. I’d do it if I was the postman.”

Others had suggestions for how to oust the spider.

One recommend: “Dryer sheets in your box will get rid of them.”

Another said: “Pay those bills online sis, or wait for him to move out.”

And a third added: “Get a broom and do it yourself. WTF?”

So what do you make of the note? Let us know in the comments below.

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