The 10 Most Expensive Pet Birds In The World

You probably envision lions, tigers, monkeys, and snakes when you consider expensive pets. But did you know that birds can be among the most expensive pets on the planet? All of the birds on this list cost considerable money to acquire, and that’s before you provide them with their standard of living. All of this is to imply that you may view these pet birds, but unless you have extremely deep finances, you should not even consider purchasing one. So let’s look at the 10 most expensive pet birds in the world.

10 Racing Pigeons

A pigeon is one of the most expensive birds you can acquire. Yes, it’s a pigeon; you can find thousands of them in any metropolis in the world. The distinction between racing pigeons and their less valuable siblings is that these birds serve a truly noble purpose: they enable gambling.

In some regions of the world, pigeon races are a major business, and a swift bird can earn its owner a substantial amount of money. For this reason, many individuals are willing to pay top cash for one of these birds; in 2019, a particularly swift pigeon named Armando was purchased for $1.4 million.

9 Hyacinth Macaws

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Due to their stunning blue feathers and golden markings around the eyes and beak, these South American birds are among the most beautiful creatures on the planet. They are also the world’s largest flying parrot. Both of these factors contribute to a large asking price, in some cases exceeding $40,000.

Obviously, a portion of this price may be due to the fact that these birds are becoming endangered, and it may be illegal for you to purchase one in your area. Even if you have $40,000 to spend on a bird, you would be better off purchasing a nice pair of binoculars and a plane ticket to Brazil.

8 Toucans

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These large-billed birds are among the most colorful creatures on earth. While there are over 40 kinds to pick from, it will be rather costly to get each one. As they are also social, you may need to multiply the price by several times to get an appropriate estimate of the total cost of ownership.

What is the price of a single Toucan? It is fairly uncommon for them to sell for at least $7,000. That’s a lot of money for a bird, especially considering that you can obtain one for free by opening a box of Froot Loops!

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7 Goliath Cockatoos

These large black parrots, sometimes known as Palm Cockatoos, are native to New Guinea, therefore a part of their cost is likely attributable to the difficulty of transporting them from their native country. They have the second-largest bill among parrots, second only to the Hyacinth Macaw, and produce an incredible array of vocalizations, including numerous human-like sounds. A single Goliath Cockatoo can cost upwards of $16,000.

6 Ayam Cemani Chickens

Ayam Cemani Chickens are dark-colored fowl. This may seem simple and unimportant, yet the color goes all the way through their bodies, including their flesh and bones. Additionally, they are famously difficult to breed, which is why a single hen may cost up to $2,500. While they do lay huge eggs, they don’t like sitting on those eggs, so if you want more chickens, you’ll have to incubate them, which will increase your expenses.

5 Flamingos

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A flock of flamingos outside your front door is the single best indicator that you live in the lap of luxury. Each of these exotic pets can cost up to $1,500, so everyone who visits will know that you’re doing rather well financially. The good news is that flamingo ownership is nothing less than glamorous.

For starters, they consume shrimp and a certain type of red algae, so your property will smell like a boat. The good news is that you’ll actually grow to appreciate that odor since it beats the scent of their feces, which are infamous for being among the most offensive-smelling of any bird species on Earth.


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4 White Peacocks

Peacocks are renowned for their colorful plumage, which appears in virtually every hue imaginable. In contrast, the most costly peacocks in the world lack any color at all; they are pure white. This is due to a recessive mutation known as leucism, and each of these mutant birds sells for approximately $1000. These expensive and high-maintenance pets are not found in the wild, so you will need to get one from a breeder.

3 Scarlet Tanagers

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The Scarlet Tanager is a bird of average size with a loud voice. One of the reasons these birds can demand at least $900 from collectors is because of their amazing singing voices. They are also visually remarkable since their bodies are bright crimson and their wings and tails are black. These birds are quite clean and orderly by nature, but they primarily eat insects such as termites, bees, and wasps, so you may not want to take home their meal.

2 Mountain Bluebirds

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There are actually three distinct species of bluebirds, but the mountain variety is the most coveted and pricey (about $800 per specimen) because it is the most difficult to capture. They prefer elevations of at least 7,000 feet and often inhabit cooler climates. Ranked among the most expensive pets, these small birds have blue heads and shoulders that gradually transform into white bodies. You might be able to enjoy their company for free if you live in the right area, as they are known to accept nest boxes with enthusiasm.

1 Northern Orioles

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This migratory species is a voracious consumer of fruit, preferring incredibly ripe, dark fruits such as mulberries and cherries. They have a reputation for being picky eaters, so don’t take it personally if they reject the food you feed them. Then again, after spending $800 or more on one of these birds, you would think they would be more appreciative.


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