The Bachelor star's skimpy white bikini so revealing TV channel is forced to censor it

A TV channel were forced to blur out the bum of a Bachelor contestant because they thought it way too racy.

The offending white, two-piece swimsuit sported by Tenille Favios was deemed too rude for TV that Channel 10 censored it with a forbidding black bar.

In the saucy scene, Alex Nation and her man Bill Goldsmith were chatting about how “phenomenal” Tenille’s rear looked in her Brazilian-cut bikini as they watched Tenille place her towel on the sand.

Relaxing on his sun bed, Alex exclaims: “There’s that bum that we love.”

Bill replies “It’s not bad, ay.

“We’re going to look like the two biggest pervs.”

Tenille, 25, has her back to the camera when Channel 10 editors blurt out her behind.

The censorship move comes after viewers took to social media to complain about contestant’s “skimpy” bikinis.

One woman said on social media: "Do women no longer wear bikini bottoms that actually cover their bottom."

One added: "When did wearing one's bikini bottoms literally up one's butt crack become a thing?"

Another said: "Back in my day, bikini bottoms legit covered your bottom. Simpler times."


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