The Best All-Inclusive Resorts Beloved By Celebrities, Ranked

It’s no mystery that some of the richest people in the world are Hollywood entertainers and celebrities, aside from those who left the entertainment business for a normal life. It’s not enough that they’re living a luxurious life that most of us will never have the chance to experience in our lifetime, but they make sure the world knows by posting every vacation and awards ceremony they attend. Speaking of vacations, when our favorite celebrities decide to splurge abroad, they do so in spectacular fashion, visiting some of the most exotic places on earth. These are some of the best all-inclusive resorts beloved by celebrities.

8 Casa De Campo – Dominican Republic

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Celebrities are known to live a life of excess, going above and beyond when it comes to enjoying life and spending their millions. So, it would only make sense that they would choose to spend their time at spots that are just as exclusive as they are. And Casa De Campo offers a world-class vacation experience to meet those needs. Equipped with an array of eight outstanding restaurants, a Marina, Equestrian Center, and three private white sand beaches, it has everything to keep you from never going off the property. That’s why celebrities like Jay Z and Beyonce, The Fast and Furious actor Vin Diesel, and former professional basketball player Shaquille O’Neal all visit this resort regularly, according to Best All Inclusive.


7 Jamaica Inn – Jamaica

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Jamaica is undoubtedly one of the most popular Caribbean islands when compared to others like The Bahamas, Barbados, and Antigua. Besides being known for its influential music culture from which star musicians like the legendary reggae icon Bob Marley and Buju Banton came from, they are also known for their pristine beaches and panoramic island views. This is precisely why the British model Kate Moss and the English actor Rupert Everett have both been frequent visitors of the Jamaica Inn. It’s even said that the late Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller chose to spend their honeymoon at this opulent all-inclusive resort in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.


6 Atlantis – Bahamas

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The Bahamas undeniably features some of the most deluxe resorts in the Caribbean. Known for its pearly white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, the country is home to the Atlantis resort, located on Paradise Island. The Atlantis resort is made up of a host of hotels and resorts located on the island. Their options include but are not limited to The Royal Towers, the Beach Tower, and The Cove, which is where most celebrities come for an escape. Of course, their resort is exclusive, so that means there will be limited access to outsiders. But if you’re lucky, you might find celebrities like model/actress Vanessa Lachey, Gabrielle Union, and her husband and former Miami Heat basketball player, Dwayne Wade, exploring the adventure-filled island.


5 Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort – Cancun

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It’s the dream of many to wake up in a spectacular resort only steps away from the beach. The awesome thing about this fabulous all-inclusive resort is that you have the option of choosing between Cancun, Mexico or Jamaica. We’ll be focusing on Cancun, however, where you’ll find everything you need to make your stay memorable, from spas and golf, to over twenty restaurants to choose from, beach surfing, and night clubs. According to Oyster’s review, you can also swim with dolphins, enjoy a large water slide, and take advantage of the full-service spa. It has been the seasonal home of guest celebrities such as Hollywood actor Neil Patrick Harris and Josh Levi from The X Factor.

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4 Spice Island Beach Resort – Grenada

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Spice Island is a lovely boutique resort located in Grand Anse, Grenada and is regarded as one of the most elegant hotels on the island. Spread out across a quarter mile of beach front are sixty-four posh suites that provide the perfect balance between upscale reservation and the laid-back vibe of the Caribbean. The charm and beauty of the resort even attracted the likes of Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal, Princess Anne of England, the only daughter of Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth II. In addition to British Royalty, former co-host of The View and actress Sherri Shepherd also couldn’t resist the charm of this island beauty, and she’s just one of many of TV personalities who have been spotted at the resort.


3 Jumby Bay – Antigua

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When it comes to exclusivity and privacy, it’s going to be hard to top what Antigua’s Jumby Bay has to offer. Although still considered a part of Antigua, the fashionable resort is actually set apart on a 300-acre private island, just a couple miles away from the island of Antigua and is accessible on by boat. That’s what you call paying the price for your own slice of paradise! It’s this element of privacy that attracts A-list celebrities like the legendary vocalist Mariah Carey and comedy kings Eddie Murphy and Jim Carrey, who are willing to spend whatever it takes to escape the flashing lights of paparazzi cameras and swarming fans while on vacation.


2 The Caves – Jamaica

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Jamaica is one of the largest and most appealing islands in the Caribbean, so it’s no wonder that there would be a wide variety of picturesque resorts to choose from. Unlike the beachfront scene of the Jamaica Inn, The Caves is made up of twelve customized cottages built on the cliffs of the town in Negril on the western coast of Jamaica. The intricate design of The Caves overlooks the crashing sea beneath, and gives its guests a candle-lit cave to call their own, which is the reason why it has captured the intrigue of some of the brightest stars in Hollywood, from the timeless Harrison Ford and the seductively charming Scarlett Johannson, to the stunning English model, Naomi Campbell.


1 Jade Mountain – St. Lucia

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Some consider Jade Mountain Resort to be heaven on earth because of the exquisite view of the country’s two mountainous peaks along with the elevated view of the serene crystal blue ocean. It offers a rustic, organic feel with its choice of architecture without sacrificing the modern design of the twenty-nine luxury suites located in the west of the island of St. Lucia. The mountainous peaks mentioned earlier are actually one of the main attractions on the island called Gros Piton and Petit Piton. Taken from Enchanted, since its opening in 2012, some of the resort’s top guests include the late Amy Winehouse and TV personality and actor Nick Lachey together with his wife Vanessa Lachey. Who wouldn’t pay top dollar for the view and the experience?

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