The Big M: ‘Menopause not the beginning of the end’ – 5 great beauty brands for menopause

Claire Lawson discusses ageing and menopause

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As well as HRT or natural homeopathic remedies, beauty brands can play a significant supporting role for a woman at this time. Whether it’s heat and sweat proof make-up, cooling body creams, or natural hair products, women are on the look-out for products that will support their changing bodies and allow them to remain feeling youthful and full of energy.

Heather Jackson, Co-Founder of GenM says: “When your confidence is feeling low, and you have the physical symptoms as well, it can impact the whole of your life.

“To really embrace the change that is happening and accept it as a transition, you need to find brands and products that will make your experience of managing the symptoms better for you.”

A growing number of beauty brands are recognising the menopause as a significant life stage that they can positively cater for.

Recent research conducted by GenM revealed that 88 percent of women would like better signposting for products that will support menopausal symptoms, with 87 percent stating that they feel overlooked by brands.

Claire Lowson, a consultant at The Propaganda Agency, GenM’s Strategic Brand and Creative Consultancy, comments: “Through the work we are doing with GenM, we are aware that this is a very underserved marketplace, in terms of women needing more and different to what is available at the moment.”

Lowson continues: “My feeling is that the image of the perimenopause and menopause is outdated.

“These days, women are having children later in life and the menopause happens in relative youth and so perimenopause is completely butting up with maternity and parenting. All the associations with this are wrong.

“Our aim [The Propaganda Agency] is to serve brands better in addressing these needs.

“Because actually, it’s more about rebranding the menopause and rebranding age and seeing becoming older as a positive thing rather than a negative.”

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So, should beauty brands be less fearful of age and the female life cycle?

I would say a loud ‘yes’ to this! In embracing the natural ageing process of a woman’s body at a societal level, we are welcoming getting older as an aspirational time in our lives, rather than a time of complete loss.

This should be a time when we are celebrated for our wisdom and experience.

And most importantly, it is time when at last we feel comfortable in our own bodies and taking full control of our lives.

Ladies don’t think for one moment that the menopause is the beginning of the end.

On the contrary, these days, you’re just getting started!

Five great beauty brands with menopause-friendly products

Sakrid: High performing, 100% naturally derived products for every stage of a woman’s life. A range of six luxurious products including haircare, bodycare and face care that are safe for your body and our planet. It’s well worth checking out the Organic Shampoo and Conditioner, which works wonders on thinning hair or itchy scalp. 

MPowder: Founded on the belief that midlife can be a superpower. Two supplementary powders that support the biochemical changes happening to a woman’s body during both perimenopause all the way through to post menopause. 

Skin in Motion: A range of make-up and skincare that can cope with sweating! From exercise to night sweats, you can feel empowered with these products. 

YES: Many women experience vaginal dryness during the perimenopause. YES Vaginal Moisturiser and water-based personal lubricant help women experience a happier and healthier intimate life. Life doesn’t have to stop with the Big M! 

Sensory Retreats Luna Self Heating Eye Mask: If you’re struggling with sleep, check out these eye masks that have been designed to help you completely unwind and destress, whilst assisting a good night’s sleep. 

Coming next week:

The final part in our 4-week exploration of the menopause, next week we will explore what is being done in the workplace to support women.

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Natalie Elliott hosts The Natural Beauty Radio Show weekly on, is a clean beauty expert and the founder of award-winning beauty brand Find it on Instagram @wearesakrid.

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