‘The Conners’ recap: Relationships are messy

Spoiler alert: This recap contains significant details from Tuesday’s episode of ABC’s “The Conners.”

Darlene and her aunt, Jackie, are having very different boyfriend issues in Tuesday’s episode of “The Conners.”

In “Hold the Salt,” Darlene (Sara Gilbert) negotiates some tricky issues as she acts on her attraction to her boss, Ben (Jay R. Ferguson), while Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) is so smitten with her snobby, intellectual boyfriend that she may be blind to his leeching ways.

The episode features big-name guest appearances by Matthew Broderick and Juliette Lewis.

At Ben’s mugshot magazine, Darlene and Ben, her editor, feel a strong attraction while expressing worries about the hazards of contemporary workplace romance.  

“I work for you. This would be complicated as hell,” she says.

Ben delves into a humorous bit of biz-speak to invite an encounter without violating workplace protocol.

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