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WE all want a perfect white smile and think that regularly brushing our teeth is the way to do it – but you might be making a mistake.

One dental expert has highlighted a common error almost everyone makes after brushing which doesn't help your oral health.

Although rinsing thoroughly after brushing is common practice, it could actually be reducing the health benefits to your teeth.

Doctor Edmond Hewlett, an advisor for the American Dental Association and professor at UCLA School of Dentistry, says that you shouldn't rinse your mouth with water after brushing.

This is because toothpaste contains fluoride, an important ingredientthat helps make the enamel harder and more resistant to acids that cause cavities.

And Dr Hewlett has urged people to check that their toothpaste has fluoride in it in order to reap the best benefits, reports CNET. 

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The dental professor adds that holding off on rinsing means you're leaving the fluoride from the toothpaste in your mouth for a longer time.

This gives you a better effect from the fluoride and will contribute to a healthy set of nashers.

Dr Hewlett also advises to wait at least 15 minutes after brushing to drink any fluids.

And the expert says not to worry if you are thinking about the strong taste of toothpaste being left in your mouth due to lack of rinsing.

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He explains that your saliva will naturally clear the toothpaste out so you won't have to taste it all day.

If you're now wondering whether you've been brushing your teeth wrong your whole life there's no need to panic.

The dentist asserts that as long as you brush the standard two times a day for at least two minutes, the fluoride will remain in your mouth to help protect your teeth. 

Dr Hewlett believes that the idea of not rinsing is just an extra step to help the fluoride be even more effective.

The expert said: "When you measure a person's fluoride levels in saliva, if they don't rinse, there's more fluoride."


And Dr Hewlett adds that your specific dental health will play an important role in the effectiveness.

"If you typically don't get cavities, then you should continue using fluoride toothpaste.

"The decision to rinse or not to rinse after brushing probably won't make a difference."

On the other hand, for those who struggle with cavities, not rinsing is probably a better decision. 

Those that use mouthwash to rinse post-brush will not have to worry as long as it contains fluoride.

Unfortunately if your favourite brand doesn't include fluoride then you may as well be rinsing with water.

It comes after one dentist revealed a simple hack that will give you pearly whites.

Cosmetic dentist and Real Housewives of Cheshire star, Dr Hannah Kinsella said while the food and drink you eat can stain your teeth, the way you're brushing them could make a difference.

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She said: "Instead of brushing teeth aggressively with a hard grip – which can be a natural response – try to hold your toothbrush at the very end and use a grip as if you’re holding a pen.

"This will reduce pressure to the brush and the teeth, therefore protecting them from damage. All of these things can contribute to whiter teeth!"

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