The Real Reason President Trump Is Ending His Vacation Early

President Trump was spending his Christmas vacation at his Mar-a- Lago club in Florida, but all good things must come to an end. He’s headed back to Washington before his traditional New Year’s Eve Party (via CNBC), which was news to a lot of partygoers who had been told he’d be in attendance.

According to CNN, some think he’s going back early because of the news that some Republicans are planning to delay the January 6 certification of the Electoral College counts, while others speculated he may also be headed back early over concern of potential retaliation from Iran on the one-year anniversary of the US drone strike that killed Qasem Soleimani, Iran’s top general; it was from Mar-a-Lago on January 3, 2020 that Trump ordered the strike.

Jennifer Jacobs, senior White House reporter for Bloomberg News, tweeted on December 30, “Trump and First Lady leaving Mar-a-Lago a day early — heading back to the White House tomorrow at 11a, missing the New Year’s Eve party that hundreds bought tickets for.” And people had lots of thoughts on the news.

Trump's family still might attend the ritzy event

Some think it was for optics, like this tweet reading, “A New Year’s Eve party? Well, that would be a bad look if he stayed (not that he’s ever cared about that especially during pandemic). No idea what the rules are right now in Florida about in person events.” And others thought it was all about the January 6 certification, “He is getting nervous, January 6th getting closer. And He has another lawsuit to make. He has to talk to more senators before the 6th. He has lots to do with little time before the sixth. He has one thing on his mind overturn the election and power.”

While the First Family was theoretically in Florida on vacation, and Trump did spend time golfing, he may not have been able to relax considering the time he also spent on Twitter pushing for $2000 in a Covid relief bill and to continuing to lean on the idea that the election was rigged against him.

Melania Trump is also headed back to DC, but other family members may still attend the black-tie event. From Palm Beach Post, some of Trump’s kids were also in Florida for Christmas, and that in 2019, all his children went to the gala. Tickets for the event this year went for $1,200, according to Palm Beach Post, and this year isn’t the first time he’s missed the big event; back in 2018, Melania hosted alone while Trump was in Washington during the government shutdown.

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