The Richest Golfer In The World: 8 Ways Tiger Woods Earns And Spends His $800 Million

After turning professional in 1996, Tiger Woods brought younger energy to the game with his powerful workouts and performances. In 1997, a little more than 42 weeks after his career began, Woods was the youngest player to become the No.1 golfer in the world at the age of 21. As everyone had a keen eye on young Woods, brands capitalized on his popularity to sell their products. Additionally, Tiger stepped into the world of business ventures and brand endorsements to establish an $800 million empire.

Currently, the golfer has taken a break from his career, but he still earns $62 million a year from his big-time brand partnerships. Woods has managed to build a brand of himself and made millions. He also ensures to spend the money on luxuries and rewards himself sometimes. Let’s take a look at how Tiger Woods earns and spends his fortune.

8 Earns: Successful Golf Career

Ever since 1996, Woods has had the most prolific career of any golfer in the world. A true legend, he has won 82 PGA titles tied with Sam Snead for the most wins in the history of PGA. According to Golf, Woods is on the number three spot for the highest career earnings, with $102 million of his net worth made from the tours he won.

7 Spends: A Stunning Car Collection

Tiger has a sprawling car collection in his garage. He is famously known to drive his Lamborghini Murcielago, which has a powerful V12 engine. He also owns a 2001 Buick Bengal Concept, which never went into production, although Woods was given one. The other powerful cars in his collection are Porsche Carrera GT, Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG, and Buick Enclave, as noted by Yahoo Auto.

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6 Earns: Brand Endorsements

As the most marketable golf player in history, Woods has a lot of brand endorsements under his belt. Over time, the golfer has collaborated with eight major brands: Nike, Bridgestone, Monster Energy, Hero Motocorp, Discovery Communications, Rolex, Upper Deck, and TaylorMade. Woods is known to have a $200 million contract with Nike and a 20-year contract with Bridgestone.

5 Spends: Real Estate

Tiger Woods has a multi-million dollar real estate profile with investments around the world. He owns a private island in Lake Mälaren which is an hour away from Stockholm, and is equipped with a private harbor, open yard, and even six golf tees. His residential property is a $54 million mansion in Florida with a mini-golf course of its own spanning 3.5 acres, as stated by Sports Casting. The luxury home also has oxygen tanks, swimming pools, and a gym.

4 Earns: Business Ventures

The golfer opened The Woods Jupiter in 2020, which is located in Jupiter, Florida. Since Woods has been traveling and tasted various cuisines, he wanted to bring his vision to life with a flagship restaurant of his own. The restaurant is an elevated sports bar and has quickly become a hang-out place for family and friends.

3 Spends: A Yacht And A Private Jet

Woods loves to travel and vacation in style. So, it’s no surprise that he owns a private yacht called Privacy which is 155-foot long and costs him $25 million. The mega yacht is docked at North Palm Beach in Florida, and the golfer was spotted using it as a residence during his 2018 US Open tournament. He also owns a gorgeous Gulfstream G550 private jet worth $54 million with a top speed of 680 MPH and a maximum range of an astonishing 7,767 miles.

2 Earns: Golf Course Designing

While Tiger is an active player in the game of golf, he has been consistent in designing golf courses worldwide. The golf star has designed around ten golf courses to date, and one of them resides in his backyard. His designed courses are in Houston, Texas, Cabo San Lucas, Bahamas, and even Dubai.

1 Spends: Philanthropy

Apart from dominating the golf course, Woods likes to devote some of his time to charity. He founded the Tiger Woods Foundation in 1996 that gave rise to community programs in the healthcare, education, and welfare sectors. He also supports at-risk youths and has donated over $12 million to his Foundation, as stated by Insider.

Tiger Woods earns big, and his expenditure is also just as lavish. A gifted golfer and popular personality, Woods has amassed earnings from his presence in the media. He doesn’t hesitate to show off his luxurious possessions and ensures that his contribution is made for the community’s welfare. After his four surgeries, the golfer is currently in rehab and trying to rebuild his strength for his much-anticipated golf return.

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