The worst serving platters ever used instead of plates

You’ve got to be kitchen me! Baffled diners share the bizarre ways restaurants have served their meals – from chocolates on a flip-flop to blood pancakes on FACE MASKS

  • Bored Panda collated images of  some very weird objects used instead of plates
  • Among the non-plate items from around the world were a manure fork 
  • One eatery served venison cubes skewered onto a deer antler

When it comes to cooking, people are always trying to push the culinary boundaries of creativity.

But some of these chefs from around the globe, whose food was collated in a gallery by Bored Panda, may have gone too far in trying to be original by ditching plates for other serving options.

Among the bizarre items used instead of traditional dishes are a flip-flop and a rake.

And it doesn’t stop there. Other items shared by social media users include Covid face masks and even an ashtray.

Here FEMAIL rounds up some of the worst food serving fails… 

This puts a whole new meaning into the phrase ‘putting your foot in your mouth’. It doesn’t matter how delicious that dessert at this Italian restaurant may be – who would want to eat it?

These blood pancakes – which are a delicacy in Finland, Estonia, Sweden and Norway – feature whipped blood, eggs and flour. All topped off with a disposable face mask

Social media users were amused by this dish of chocolate truffles on a manure fork – even if they said they wouldn’t eat it themselves

This restaurant used old deer horns instead of plates, skewering cubes on venison onto the sharp antlers

Not the most appetising: While this pudding itself looked quite tasty, it would be difficult to stop thinking about the fact it was served in an ashtray

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Surely this rusty bucket is non hygienic? This culinary fail is thought to have come from a North American restaurant, leaving social media users wanting to call the Health Department

This may initially look like a gravy jug, but on closer inspection, social media users believe it is part of a urinal. It may be creative, but it’s not very sanitary

On the plus side, this frozen drink is in an actual glass. On the other, it’s upside down, and it looks like it’s coming into direct contact with the less than squeaky clean menu

This charcuterie clipboard may actually be convenient for hungry dinners looking to grab their meal and go

This tiramisu in a jar, from an eatery in Scotland, may not seem so strange. Until you realise the jar is dusted in sugar. Are the diners meant to eat that too? 

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