These hilarious parents' notes will have you feeling like a child

You’ve been told! These hilariously threatening parents’ notes will have you feeling like a child again

  • Notes featured by show parents from the US being sassy
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As any parent will tell you, there’s times that there’s no getting through to unruly children who never seem to listen – no matter what age they are. 

And even in the digital age, some sassy mothers and fathers resort to a good old-fashioned note to get their point across – as has collated some of the best to inspire any frustrated parents out there. 

One mother from the US decided to give their offspring a fright by writing ‘We need to talk’ on the inside of their packet of rolling papers, which no doubt had them reconsidering their smoking habits pretty quickly. 

Elsewhere, a mother who had run out of napkins left a note in their child’s packed lunch with a blunt message explaining herself. 

Don’t mess with the Messiah! A sarcastic dad was quick to make a joke about their child’s spelling mistake with a reference to German-British composer Handel

You can’t eat that! A US mother tried to make up for the lack of snacks in their child’s lunch, but it’s likely that it didn’t go down too well 

Trying to be helpful, an individual left a sticky note on the microwave warning that the ‘handel’ was broken. 

Noticing the spelling mistake, their sarcastic father responded with a picture of the 18th century German composer. 

And let’s hope that another dad was joking when he left a note alongside his daughter’s thrush cream to say the ‘toothpaste’ didn’t taste very good. 

Holy smoke! This teenager from the US was no doubt horrified to see this warning from their mother in a packet of rolling papers 

Dental disaster! Hopefully the US dad who apparently used this thrush cream as toothpaste saw the funny side afterwards 

Hunger horror! One father used an unorthodox approach to encourage their child to eat their sandwich

Loo-roll laughs! These parents definitely took a more creative approach to asking their kids to replace the toilet paper

Yikes! One mother from the US showed she wasn’t messing around as she left a hilariously threatening note for her children after cleaning up 

Lunchbox laughs! This mother from the US definitely knows that sometimes notes rom parents can be a little embarrassing 

Movie menace! One parent channelled Northern Irish actor Liam Neeson with a very theatrical note about tidying up 

Morning sunshine! These tired US parents were so desperate for a lie-in, they answered all their children’s questions with a very creatively illustrated note

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