This ‘Avengers 4’ Theory Would Mean Spider-Man Is In Way More Danger Than You Think

For Spider-Man fans, the Avengers: End Game trailer brought good news and bad news. Good news: he was in the trailer! Bad news: he’s, uh, missing? While we all know that Peter Parker was among the half of living creatures dissolved by Thanos’ snap, one shot from the trailer may hint at an Avengers: End Game theory about Spider-Man that will make you feel very, very nervous for one sweet summer Avenger named Peter Parker.

Before we get into the theory, let’s look at what birthed it: there’s an image of Bruce Banner in the trailer, looking, y’know, upset. Many fans noted that there are three images beside him that say "Missing" — one of Scott Lang, one of Shuri, and another of Peter Parker. But earlier in the trailer, we have full acknowledgement that the Avengers understand the ramifications of the "snap" and the people who disappeared with it, which would seem to make a "Missing" poster of these three snapped heroes redundant.

Unless it doesn’t.

Because there’s one thing both Spider-Man and Ant-Man have in common in their unusual "snap" experiences: neither of them were on Earth. Scott Lang is stuck in the Quantum Realm with nobody to pull him out, and Peter Parker, as we all know from some extremely extreme emotions brought to us by the Russo Brothers, dissolved on Titan.

What these "Missing" posters may indicate isn’t just that Peter and Scott were among the people lost in the snap — it may indicate that somewhere in the Avengers: End Game movie, the Avengers are able to undo the effects of the snap. It would, presumably, bring people right back to where they were when they initially disappeared. All well and good if you were sitting in class or minding your sweet Earth-bound business, but Scott Lang and Peter Parker were decidedly doing neither of those things, which may mean that once everyone returns, the two of them didn’t show up — hence, the "Missing" posters, and physics expert Bruce Banner looking incredibly frustrated at the prospect of getting them back.

That leaves us with examining Shuri’s disappearance, which also may have a grim explanation. While the trailer seemed to imply she might have been among the snapped, previously, Angela Bassett revealed her character of Queen Ramonda and Shuri survived the snap. (The Russo Brothers have remained silent on this.) What Shuri’s "Missing" poster may indicate is that she wasn’t snapped at all — that after she got knocked down (the last we saw of her in Infinity War), she may have gotten herself back up with what portion of Vision’s data she had and gone into hiding with it — or worse, was captured by someone who knew the worth of that information, and that Shuri is the only one scientifically capable of doing anything with it.

Of course, it may very well be that these "Missing" posters are just people who were snapped, and my theories on this are way off-base. But if they’re not, it certainly does spell trouble for our youngest heroes and Ant-Man, who may be in a heck of a lot more danger than we think.

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