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Torrie Jasuwan and family | Torrie Jasuwan Twitter

Being on a reality show like Below Deck can be tricky. Especially when you are on the show to party and have fun. Some guests have accused Bravo of editing them so they are painted in a negative light.

However, fan favorite guest Torrie Jasuwan and her family found the perfect way to have a blast on charter. While still being very likable and real. Not only did Jasuwan and family pull off their appearance with grace but they also managed to do it with small children in tow. So how did the Jasuwans manage to become Below Deck’s favorite charter guests? And what advice does Jasuwan have for anyone thinking about going on the show? Jasuwan offered exclusive insight to The Cheat Sheet on what it takes to be a great Below Deck guest.

Jasuwan knew what she was getting into

While some guests seem taken aback when they see how they are portrayed, Jasuwan had a unique understanding of how reality television worked. “Back in the day, I used to do reality T.V. casting,” she revealed. “And I still had friends in the industry so when the opportunity came up I thought ‘oh this sounds like fun.’ And we decided to bring a bunch of our friends. Plus, I just couldn’t imagine doing it without the kids.”

She was confident the kids were ready for a trip like this too

Even though she couldn’t imagine traveling without the kids, she knew they were well prepared for a trip like this. “I’ve traveled with my kids since they were born and they’ve been to more countries in five or six years than I was before I was married,” she says. And even though the children are well traveled, the trip was as magical for them as it was for the adults.

Jasuwan says the experience was better than going on a Disney cruise. Chief stew Kate Chastain and second stew Josiah Carter actually set up the children’s stuffed animals in fun little scenes every day. “Pretty much all throughout the day and every day Kate and Josiah would set up cute little scenes,” she recalls. “It was really adorable.” She says the kids still talk about going on the “big boat” and really loved the trip. Especially the “yacht ferries,” AKA Chastain and Carter.

Additionally, Jasuwan’s kids go with the flow. “They eat what we eat,” she adds. “If they don’t they are probably hungry. We don’t do a lot of kid food.” Plus Jasuwan says the kids are exposed to a lot of different cultures and cuisine since day one so neither Pierson or Tiernan are demanding chicken and fries.

This is how to be a gracious charter guest

Whether you plan to privately charter a yacht or go on the show, Jasuwan shares how to make it a positive voyage. “I would say be yourself and have fun,” she advises. “Treat the staff how you would want to be treated. They are working their asses off. I cannot even tell you how hard those people work. Like Kate and Josiah barely slept. Adrian barely slept on that trip.” She added the Chastain and Carter are truly her dream team.

And what do you when mess ups happen? Being chill like Chef Adrian Martin seems to be the best way to approach snafus on deck. Jasuwan’s friend was unfortunately injured when former bosun Chandler Brooks allowed her to slip and fall on a rock. Plus her son Pierson cut his foot on some broken glass. While Jasuwan’s friend Sherry ended up with just some bumps and bruises, Brooks could have been more attentive. “She hit her elbow and her knee,” she says. “She’s not his [Brooks’] biggest fan.”

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