This is how many times you’ll have sex in your life

AN intimate survey reveals the average Brit falls in live six times and has eight sexual partners in their lifetime.

But how many times do they get down and dirty?

Experts at Quidco believe that on average, Brits have around 5,778 romps in their lifetime.

To measure the results, they calculated the timeframe from the age of 18 to the UK life-expectancy of 83-years-old.

In order to get to the number 5,778, you would have to get frisky in the bedroom twice a week for 65 years.

Obviously, if you started bonking earlier than 18, your number is likely to be a little higher.

The telling statistics didn’t just reveal that the average person loves a bit of sex, it also proved what we already knew… Brits are massive boozers.

Another Quidco survey revealed that the average UK resident visits the pub 3,386 times in their life.

This is definitely not good news for our bank balances.

Staggeringly, Brits spent an average of £66,732 on alcohol in their lives… which is probably why we experience 1,793 hangovers.

So could our love of booze and sex be linked?

Earlier this year, a new study revealed that two thirds people in the UK have NEVER had sober sex with a first-time partner.

The same study found that 29% of people REGRET an initial sexual encounter after it’s already taken place, while a whopping 81% feel too nervous not to drink before sleeping with someone for the first time.

A lack of self-confidence was responsible for 58% of these shy lovers’ first night nerves.

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New dating app Temptr questioned more than 2,000 sexually active UK adults, aged between 18-40, about their bedroom behaviours.

The respondents attitude towards casual sex and relationships revealed the shocking data… after 67% of the participants confessed that, when single, they engaged in sex on the first date “often”.

Asked if they ever experienced nerves before sleeping with someone for the first time, 81% said yes, with 58% saying this was due to concerns over the looks. 42% were worried that “something would go wrong”.

The next cheeky question asked whether these not-so laid-back lovers did anything to relax them before having sex… and unsurprisingly 67% confirmed that drinking alcohol was the main way of calming their concerns.

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