This is what 55 looks like

This is what 55 looks like: Mother-of-two reveals emollient cream, dying her hair with henna and skipping dinner keeps her youthful

  • Denise Pieree, 55, lives in Brentwood, Essex with her two daughters
  • She says using Ovelle Aqueous Cream keeps her skin from getting dry
  • Lecturer revealed she hasn’t had an evening meal in years to maintain her figure 

Denise Pieree, 55, lives in Brentwood, Essex, with her daughters Meredith, 21, and Antoinette, 19. She is a lecturer for an academy and is divorced. 


My mother started me on emollient cream. Now I use Ovelle Aqueous Cream (£3, I don’t have dry skin and I put it down to the cream. If I want to spice it up or do something different, I’ll add a natural oil, like lavender. All the family use it — we go through a tub in two weeks!


My kids might be grown-up, but Go Ape is still one of our favourite things to do together. We like zipwires and go trampolining. I got my eldest daughter into cycling. She was reluctant to start, but seeing her mother going up the hill quicker than her was a great incentive!

Denise Pieree, 55, (pictured) from Brentwood, Essex, revealed how a combination of using emollient cream and dying her hair with henna help to maintain her ageless appearance


My daughter’s boyfriend enjoys racing his car on a track as a hobby, so I joined in. I loved it so much that I bought a sports car after turning 55. I got an orange Mazda MX-5. It’s great fun, and actually quite a stress release.


I’ve been dying my hair with the pure root of henna (£13, for the past ten years. It comes in a bar, like soap, and is melted before it is applied to hair. Grey hair often gets brittle and wiry, but you don’t get that with this. I also love the shine it gives your hair afterwards. It does get a bit messy so I put clingfilm over my hair once it’s on — I look like an alien, but the end result is worth it.


I haven’t had an evening meal for about six or seven years, unless it’s for social occasions. I graze up until about 3pm — during the day you’d think I was a real pig, continuously eating — but then I’m done! If I’m doing yoga, or going for a bike ride and I need more energy for the evening, I may have an avocado or a banana, because they release energy slowly. 

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