Tory Councillor branded ‘evil’ for asking people to ‘tear down’ homeless tents

A conservative councillor has been slammed on social media for writing a tweet demanding that the tents of homeless people in Cadiff be torn down.

Kathryn Kelloway shared a message for the Labour leader of Cardiff Council on Twitter informing him of what she thought needed to be done in the city in order to create "prosperity" for local businesses.

The councillor’s post has sparked outrage given that temperatures across the UK have recently plummeted, dropping below freezing, with reports of snow in various areas.

In her post on Thursday evening, Kathryn said: "Cllr Thomas, if you seek safety in our city centre, if you seek prosperity for local businesses, if you seek a better image for Cardiff.

"Cllr Thomas come to Queen Street. Cllr Thomas, tear down these tents."

The tweet quickly went viral, with more than 1,000 people taking the time to reply.

Kathryn later went on to provide further reasoning for her post, saying she meant that she wanted homeless people "in rooms, not in tents".

She explained: "Glad that I’ve managed to raise attention of this important issue.

"If these people had nowhere else to go my comments would be horrible and heartless! But they do have somewhere to go. There are more than enough hostel beds available in Cardiff. I want them in rooms, not in tents.

"These is no need for anyone to sleep on the streets. Cardiff Council recognises this and I’m calling on the authority to get them indoors."

She added: "Lots of residents have emailed me about this prior to today. I stand by what I said. Tear these tends down and bring the rough sleepers into warm, safe hostel rooms with people who are trying to help them."

However this clarification didn’t stop people from being disgusted by her words and many gave her a piece of their mind.

One person replied: "Cllr Kelloway it is the policies of your party, the Conservative Party, who have created the biggest rough sleeping and homelessness crisis in this country in a generation and it is your evil party who need to be torn down."

Another wrote: "You’re pretty much a disgrace to humanity with comments like that. You should try swapping positions with those less fortunate."

A third added: "Tear them down? And do WHAT with the poor sods inside them, exactly? You inhuman f***ing monster."

Kathryn’s intended recipient, Councillor Huw Thomas also responded to her post, describing it as "awfully judged".

He said: "Of course no one wants tents in our city centre, but we have to act sensitively, and support people into accommodation with help for their underlying needs. Small wonder homelessness is soaring under this Tory Gov, if ‘tearing down tents’ is their mindset."

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