Twitter users slam ‘disturbing’ Croc action figure after it goes viral

Twitter users slam ‘disturbing’ Croc action figure after it goes viral – as they joke the image will ‘give them nightmares’

  • The image of the ghoulish figure outside a shoe shop went viral on Twitter 
  • The ghoulish ‘Croc man’ racked up nearly 150k combined likes and retweets 
  • Left people ‘disturbed’ and one person joked  they would ‘bring it up in therapy’  

People joked that they were ‘terrified’ and ‘disturbed’ after an image of a ‘Croc man’ figure appeared on Twitter. 

A Twitter user, thought to be from the UK, and known as Fancywookiee, tweeted the picture of the green croc, shaped in the form of a man, who was also wearing crocs. 

The image of the ghoulish figure was outside a shoe shop and instantly went viral with many people saying they were distressed by the three foot ‘abomination’. 

The picture racked up nearly 150k combined likes and retweets, with many joking that it would give them nightmares. 

This image was posted to Twitter and freaked out users who appeared confused by it

Fancywookie tweeted the picture, along with: ‘A Croc man wears a pair of Croc shoes. 

‘Is he made of shoe, or are his shoes made of flesh? He screams, for he does not know.’

In reply to the original tweet, Robert Gaal said: ‘Does the man wear the Crocs or do the Crocs wear the man? Dispair.’ 

In a similar angle, another user asked if the strange figure had one soul or three. 

Some people said the image will haunt them while one said they’d need to discuss it in therapy

The wider response was one of horror, with one person saying they would have to ‘bring this up in therapy on Wednesday.’ 

The ‘Crocman’ is actually an official Crocs merchandise item popular with kids, although adults don’t seem to like it. 

Jack McInnes said: ‘I won’t sleep tonight. Thanks.’ 

While another user joked they were expecting to have ‘nightmares’ over the strange figurine. 

Most people appeared disturbed by the figurine while others pondered whether the ‘man’ was wearing Crocs or if Crocs were wearing the man and whether it has one soul or three

‘This is an abomination. Burn it with fire!’ said another. 

Another person said the figure ‘still haunts’ her after she saw a similar one on holiday three weeks ago.

A few people even claimed to have found the green figurine’s girlfriend, a pink version of the weird item. 

Crocs shoes have been seen as controversial footwear for years, with some calling them ugly, while Time magazine even included them in a round up of the 50 worst inventions.

While earlier this month it was revealed that Crocs have teamed up with iconic accessories brand Vera Bradley to create a range of paisley- and floral-print sandals, with designs ranging from the brand’s classic clogs to a selection of slip-on slides. 

‘Burn it with fire’ said one person who seemed to agree that the ‘abomination’ is disturbing


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