Two Millionaires Revealed As $50 Million Record-Breaking NFT Buyers

Prior to today, it was unknown who had purchased a $69.3 million piece of NFT artwork. It was reported that on March 11th, 2021, a piece of digital artwork stored in a JPEG file was sold for a jaw-dropping $69.3 million. The online auction was filled with ambiguity over who the owner of this digital masterpiece actually was. Shrouded with intrigue and offering more questions than answers, this mysterious purchase topped the headlines for many days, until finally the identities of the purchasers were revealed.

Vignesh Sundaresan and Anand Venkateswaran have been declared the new owners of the art called created by Beeple, which is a collage of 5,000 images, and rightfully named 5,000 Days. According to ABC News, these two risk-taking art purchasers have just made history.

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The initial shock to Sundaresan and Venkateswaran was very real.  “They tell ABC News, “We weren’t sure we won, We kept refreshing the page.” Of course, it’s all starting to sink in now, and the two are basking in the glory of their historic purchase.

The auction was held by Christie’s in London, and this singular transaction made Beeple’s artwork among the most expensive pieces of art every sold by “a living artist.”

So who are these big gamblers and art investors? The mystery was due in part by the fact that they used a pseudonym to make their purchase. Operating as Metakovan, the pair mysteriously entered the world of NFT digital sales and completely stunned the world with one of the biggest, most talked about purchase of our time. Setting the bar very high for future NFT purchases, these two friends of Indian descent have made their mark on the world of digital trades in a very big way.

Venkateswaran and his friend are not just pals, they also happen to be business partners. What may truly shock most people is that these multi millionaire investors in NFT art, are only in their 30s. They took a deep dive into the crypto market, and this historic purchase means they have permanently left their mark on the world of NFT sales.

It hasn’t all been easy for the pair, who according to the Daily Mail have had to “cope with outside concerns that the transaction could have been a convoluted scheme to inflate the value of the pair’s investment portfolio.”

However, they have officially been declared as the winning bid, and have step forward into what may just be their biggest moment in the spotlight. We’re sure to hear more about their future investments in the NFT digital market, but for now, the world is thrilled to know their names, and are keeping their eyes peeled to see what moves they make next.

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