‘Unanchored’ Preview: Vanessa Screams At Max For Bringing Another Girl Back To The Boat — Watch

Vanessa is NOT having it when Max brings another girl back to the boat in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Dec. 10 episode of ‘Unanchored.’ Vanessa doesn’t hold back. Watch now!

Things turn ugly when Max Craddock brings a girl back to the boat after a night out in our EXCLUSIVE preview of the Dec. 10 episode of Unanchored. Max and this girl hit it off and actually have mutual friends, so they’re surprised they’ve never met before. Chelsi Pugliese arrives back on the boat before Vanessa Cavanaugh, and she gives Max quite the look. A storm is coming — in the form of Vanessa!

When Vanessa gets back to the boat, all hell breaks loose. “Max, I’m going to f**king kill you!” she yells. Vanessa tells Jack Royds, “She looks like a f**king horse.” A little harsh, don’t you think? The tension on the boat continues to skyrocket. “We agreed on this earlier, you piece of sh*t,” Vanessa says to Max. She’s right.

Max agreed to respect Vanessa in an earlier conversation, and Max’s current actions have Vanessa feeling very disrespected. He brought another girl back to the boat knowing Vanessa would be coming back aboard, too! He should have known better. Vanessa throws something at Max and the girl, prompting Max to walk over to her so they can talk this out. The other girl doesn’t say a word. Vanessa continues to tell Max that he disrespected her and starts pushing Max around the boat. Max lets Vanessa get out all her anger over this.

Vanessa doesn’t relent, and everyone’s looking around awkwardly. Finally, Max and the other girl get up and walk away. This fight totally isn’t over yet, right? As much as Max would like to, Vanessa isn’t going to let this go. The all-new series Unanchored airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

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