We Just Noticed Nicole Kidman Loves Wearing These Two Trends to the Golden Globes

There's a reason that certain celebrities end up earning style icon status: When it comes to fashion, they (and their stylists) seem to know what works best for them, and they often develop specific aesthetics that become pretty easy to spot.

Nicole Kidman, for instance, is someone who falls into this category. Looking back at all the outfits she's worn to the Golden Globes, we noticed she plays favorites, consistently walking the red carpet in two main trends — choker necklaces and strapless gowns — for decades.

Ahead of 2021's virtual event, it's time to revisit Kidman's Golden Globes go-to's. Take a look at all the times she's wowed us with these two pieces, and how she's managed to mix it up, making them feel modern as the years pass.


Nicole Kidman Golden Globes Looks

Back in the early '90s, Kidman's Golden Globes looks were fairly simple. She arrived at the show wearing a cutout, mid-length black dress, which was styled with tights and a brown beaded choker.


Nicole Kidman Golden Globes Looks

Coordinating suits? Yep, she and then-husband Tom Cruise did that. Kidman, however, spiced up her outfit with the help of a matching beret, and once again added a choker — this time, a thick, black option — to make her look complete.


Nicole Kidman Golden Globes Looks

By 1997, her style seemed more elevated and elegant. Kidman's sparkling silver choker provided some oomph without distracting from her sweet, partially-sheer gown.


Nicole Kidman Golden Globes Looks

Another black dress and another fun choker! This necklace, however, was different than the ones from the past, and included a long drop chain that sparkled against her simple ensemble.


Nicole Kidman Golden Globes Looks

While Kidman's style has evolved over the years (for instance, she's traded subtle all-black for vibrant colors, metallics, and playful details like ruffles), she's still sticking with her tried and true jewelry choice. In 2017, she walked the red carpet in a silver, layered design, which helped to enhance her elaborate gown.


Nicole Kidman Golden Globes Looks

When it comes to Golden Globes style, Kidman also favors the strapless gown. This beaded white option gave us old Hollywood glamour, Audrey Hepburn vibes, and was paired with satin shoes.


Nicole Kidman Golden Globes Looks

Remember the high-low hemlines of the early '00s? We're fairly confident the actress' light beige, strapless dress inspired plenty of prom looks that year.


Nicole Kidman Golden Globes Looks

As recently as 2020, Kidman was walking the Golden Globes red carpet in a sleek, sexy, side-slit, strapless dress. We appreciate how she stuck with a color theme, adding red heels and a pair of gold earrings that also matched her purse.


Nicole Kidman Golden Globes Looks

Of course, in 2002, Kidman wore both trends! Her black drop-chain choker and embellished, strapless gown proved to be a flawless combo that year, and feels surprisingly modern for being nearly two decades old.

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