What does May 10 2023 hold for MY star sign? Oscar Cainer tells all

My Daily Horoscope: What does May 10 2023 hold for MY star sign? Oscar Cainer tells all

Yesterday we talked about appreciating the past and recognising where it’s time to evolve. But we may need to channel the spirit of Fred Astaire (born on this day) to find the courage, dexterity and grace needed to tread that fine line. Dancing calls for commitment and hard work, it’s creative and fun. As Venus (creativity) links with innovative Uranus, if we turn our attention to doing what we love, we can make enjoyable progress too.

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(March 21 – April 20)

We tend to say ‘yes’ too often and ‘no’ not often enough. We accept what we should refuse. We believe what we should question. We allow fear to override hope. We let our doubts inhibit our dreams. And, since we find ourselves in isolated positions when we challenge the conventional viewpoint, we somehow convince ourselves that life on planet Earth is all about compromise and conformity. Yet there’s no mistaking the fact that you’ve got a vision that your heart longs to pursue. A spark of inspiration will make you bold today.

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(April 21 – May 21)

If an omniscient, omnipotent, benevolent deity exists, surely we wouldn’t have much in common with it. We’re limited in what we can do. We can’t do what we want. We often feel powerless to affect anything. And even if we try our best to be kindhearted, some people are too annoying to be nice to all the time! But… imagine if a tiny part of that entity exists in all our hearts – and that somehow, we’re all mysteriously connected by an invisible connective thread? Listen to your inner voice and you’ll be delighted by what unfolds today.

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Oscar Cainer (pictured) says we may need to channel the spirit of Fred Astaire (born on this day) to find the courage, dexterity and grace needed to tread that fine line


(May 22 – June 22)

You’re involved in a relationship that’s like a game of tennis. In an ideal world, you’d be engaging in long rallies, but somehow you always end up hitting volleys at each other: there’s never a chance to build up a rhythm. You want them to listen to you, but they’re determined to get their point across. It’s exhausting. No one’s being heard. Can you change the dynamic? Of course you can! If you alter your style of play, they’ll be forced to change theirs. The ball is in your court – if you alter your approach, you’ll both be relieved.

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(June 23 – July 23)

‘All you need is love’. It’s a great Beatles lyric, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. We also need to believe that all we need is love. Otherwise, we can have bucketloads of it in our lives and still be looking for something else to satisfy us. It’s about attitude. Ironically, if you can convince yourself that love is all you need, you can probably convince yourself that you’ve got enough of it! With Venus (the planet of love) in your sign, linking to quirky Uranus, today brings a delightful surprising reminder of reasons to feel loved and appreciated.

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(July 24 – August 23)

The world is populated by people who feel confident that they understand how everything works. They’re convinced that their opinions and ideas are right, and they don’t hesitate to share them. I’m not going to give you a lecture on what you ‘should’ be doing. That’s the last thing you want. You need to be reminded of your right to be happy. Just because you don’t have the answer to a pressing question doesn’t mean you can’t feel good. If you allow yourself to relax today, you’re much more likely to find the best solution.

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(August 24 – September 23)

Someone close to you holds you in very high esteem. You mean the world to them. Don’t underestimate that. It’s easy, when we’re feeling overwhelmed, to assume that we’re on our own and that no one’s interested enough to help us. As you struggle to wrap your head around a conundrum, a second set of eyes would be extremely helpful. A kind word at the right moment. An understanding ear. You can have love, support and co-operation. And, what’s more, it’s what you deserve. Today, if you ask, you’ll receive what you need.

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(September 24 – October 23)

People who achieve great things are people who are prepared to give something a try. There’s nothing like enthusiasm to create magic. It can turn even impossible situations around. Just a small flicker of hope can be nurtured into a flame. And when the flame is fuelled with effort, it soon starts to burn bright. Rather than looking at your current problem and wondering how anything good will ever come out of it, look for the hidden opportunity it contains. As your ruler, Venus, links with Uranus, it ignites a spark.

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(October 24 – November 22)

Just because a difficult discussion is taking place doesn’t mean you have to get involved. You can stand back. You can refuse to be drawn in. You can decline to take the bait even when it’s dangled in front of you. Of course you can. But will you? Do you have enough self-restraint? Enough wisdom? Enough self-control? Of course! Today brings a challenging situation into your world. But you have the skills to be able to deal with it in a way that brings great satisfaction, and great results. There’s a real chance that you’ll enjoy this!

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As Venus (pictured) links with innovative Uranus, if we turn our attention to doing what we love, we can make enjoyable progress too


(November 23 – December 21)

There’s a strange old saying: ‘Exaggeration is truth that has lost its temper’. It raises the question, why does the truth ever need to get angry? Does it get frustrated when it’s ignored? Does it feel infuriated when it knows it could make a vital difference, if only people would pay attention? In which case, it might think it entirely appropriate to inflate its point. If someone in your world is pushing their views too far, it’s worth searching for the truth in their story. But before you get too involved, remember that they’re exaggerating.

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(December 22 – January 20)

As a pragmatic Capricorn you like your routines. They provide reliable structure and familiarity to your schedule. You don’t need me to tell you that they sometimes get in the way of you doing things differently… you know that! But it’s one thing to know, and another to take action. As Venus links with quirky Uranus today, it fuels your desire to do something new and exciting. Seize the moment. When your determination is added to the mix, you can create a change that will be both advantageous and sustainable. Go for it.

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(January 21 – February 19)

When it comes to managing a crisis, you’re a great person to have around. You can find peace in chaos. You can stand firm, cool, and collected while those around you panic. Yet, even you’re struggling to get a handle on a challenging situation, it seems to be beyond your control. As your ruler, Uranus, links with Venus (the planet of love) it brings the insight to see beyond the chaos. There is a way forwards. If you resist the urge to try to sort everything out, and allow events to unfold, the outcome will be surprisingly pleasing.

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(February 20 – March 20)

People who work out at the gym, or do lots of exercise tend to think they’re strong enough to push obstacles out of their way. Similarly, intellectually-minded folk think they can solve any problem with logic. But even if you’ve got both these qualities you’d be struggling to deal with the situation you’re facing. Luckily, you’re an adaptable Piscean. (This is a skill you tend to underestimate). Together, your imagination and your adaptability are a killer combo. As Venus and Uranus link, you can use your natural qualities to solve a problem today.

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