What Is Ghosting & How To Tell If It’s Happening To You

Ghosting has become a famous phrase in the past couple of years, primarily as online dating apps have increased in popularity. People are continually using the word ghosting. However, not everyone knows what exactly it is or how to tell if it’s happening to them.

What does it mean when someone is ghosting or has ghosted another person? Someone is essentially rejecting another person. Only the person doing the rejecting never really tell the other person. He or she just disappears. There is no explanation or finality of ending the relationship or interaction. The majority of ghosting happens out of nowhere and can leave a person feeling confused, rejected, and disappointed.

Honestly, it is a coward’s way to end a relationship, but it has also become one of the easiest ways to finish one, thanks to technology. A person can walk away without having to truly share how he or she feels, which is precisely why people ghost other people. It is a very selfish move.

One sign of ghosting is when a person claims he or she is too busy. The fact of the matter is when a person is in a relationship with someone they want to be with, they will make time for them. Even if it is answering a text right away, or responding to an Instagram direct message, if a person is interested they will make time to respond.

The sure way to tell this is happening is when the person is radio silent. If someone is not answering at all, then he or she has decided to walk away and does not want to be bothered. Pay attention to how the other person is acting. The signs will be there. Never accept less than being treated like a beautiful, decent, good-hearted person.

Finally, when a person has been ghosted, it is imperative to remember the person who did the ghosting is at fault. It is a total them probably not a “you-problem.” Do not let being ghosted effect your self-worth or self-esteem. Yes, it is easier said than done, but it is vital to remember.

Although ghosting has primarily been in terms of relationships, a new trend is on the rise where people ghost their jobs. A person will accept another job but tell no one at their current job. The person then simply doesn’t show up one day. Seriously, that is a crappy thing to do. Be kind out there everyone, treat people with respect.

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