What is ‘octopus’ hair? The bizarre-sounding trend Pinterest predicts will take off

Shags and mullets and wolf cuts, oh my! 2021 was truly all about the bedhead look. Now, a bizarre-sounding new version of this layered chop, dubbed “octopus hair”, is on the horizon.

Pinterest predicts in its new 2022 upcoming trends report that this cut will be one of the most requested hairstyles amongst Gen Z-ers – also known as TikTokers – with searches for “octopus cuts” doubling on Pinterest this month. The report also shows a doubling in searches for “short hair mohawk” and a 190% increase in queries about “mullet hairstyles”.

Worrying, some might say, but 80s looks are all the range at the moment thanks to trendsetters like Billie Eilish and Squid Games’ HoYeon Jung (also known as Player 067) pioneering them on social media and Netflix.

What actually is octopus hair?

“Octopus hair is an evolution of the mullet trend brought back by Miley Cyrus last year. The look has been refreshed and redesigned so that more length is added to the bottom of the cut while the hair on the top maintains its full weight,” explains Stéphane Ferraira, senior colourist at Live True London.

“To create this look, you will need to have long layers cut in. Over layering the cut is needed for this specific style so that the hair can flow and move around the face. Adding colour such as a balayage or a vivid tone is also a great way to define the look and add more dimension.”

Who would suit an octopus cut?

“This is a versatile cut and is very easy to wear for many hair types. It’s playful, fun and allows you to express your creativity – especially if you add colour to the mix,” Stéphane says. “This style may mean you need to spend more time styling your hair, so ensure you consider this before thinking about going for the chop.”

Who should you show your stylist as an example?

“Billie Eilish is currently wearing it perfectly,” adds Stéphane.

The octopus trend comes after wolf cuts went viral at the end of last summer. Characterised by lots of choppy layers and finished with a heavy fringe, the style first originated in Korea some 25 years ago, but today’s version is a mix of a classic shag cut and the modern mullet.

Think of a style similar toMiley Cyrus’s current hairdo, or just like beauty influencerDanielle Marcan, who racked up almost nine million likes when sheshared her cut on TikTok.

As with many layered hairstyles, you don’t have to be "on it" with frequent maintenance cuts, as the grown-out feel often adds to a wolf cut’s lived-in look.

Sounds perfect for us lazy girls!

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