What’s on TV: Tuesday, October 9

Julia Zemiro's Home Delivery: Costa Georgiadis

ABC, 8pm

Somehow it comes as a surprise to find Costa Georgiadis is from Bondi. That beard just doesn't seem all that beach-friendly. But then I guess that's why he stayed away from the beach and hung outin the garden, where he found the atmosphere conducive to foliage of both the botanical and facial kinds. Julia Zemiro, Australia's BFF, takes Costa back to the haunts of his youth and peels back the layers to find his deep connections to the earth, to nature, but most of all to family and community. The return of this gently fascinating series is a welcome one, offering a kind of respite from the abrasive noise of much of the entertainment landscape to focus on the compelling tales of the everyday that lurk within the most larger-than-life of personalities. And Costa certainly is one of those: as with everything he does, it's the sheer zest for life that shines through irrepressibly.

Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery returns for a new series. In this first episode she travels with Gardening Australia host Costa Georgiadis back to his childhood home town.Credit:ABC

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