Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid of the Death Tarot Card

OMG, it’s the Death tarot card!! Does this mean you’re going to die?? No….well…yes, eventually, but that’s not what this card is about. After all, the only guaranteed certainty in life is death.

The tarot’s Death card has quite an imposing reputation because of society’s fears about the end of life. But tarot is not here to predict who is going to die, when they will die, or how they will die. Tarot is here to help support you through difficult times in your life, and few things are as challenging as change, whether it is expected or not. And THAT, bb, is what this powerful card is all about. The Death tarot card comes through in a reading to indicate endings and metaphorical demises, giving you support to move through these transitions and transformations with strength and confidence.

Death Keywords

Ending, transformation, letting go, change, transition, moving on, resistance to change

Death Upright Meaning

Endings aren’t easy, even if they are necessary. Whether it’s an unexpected layoff or a painful breakup, endings can be upsetting, stressful, and heartbreaking. But with time, the pain subsides and you pick yourself up in order to begin again. I assure you, you will find a new job (maybe even a whole new career!), and you will meet someone new and date again, even if it feels unimaginable right now. The Death card reminds us that life goes on!

Sometimes situations go on far past their prime, becoming stagnant, dull, boring, and uninspired. Everyone goes through transformations, and with the passing of time, eventually you might outgrow something. The best move you can make for yourself is to know when it’s time to move on. The old cliche is true: When one door closes, another one opens. Another door ALWAYS opens, but you should be the one to close the first door…before the universe steps in and does it for you. In hindsight, you can often see how beneficial transformations and endings have been, because they lead you to better jobs and stronger relationships. Have the courage to do what you must in order to get to where you want to go.

Death Reversed Meaning

Much like death, change is inevitable. You simply pretend like nothing is different when it clearly is. So save yourself a world of trouble and just go with it. Yes, my darling, instead of resisting the inescapable, this is an opportunity to really embrace it. One of the beauties of being a living, breathing human being is that you are allowed to change! Everyone grows and transforms and adjusts. Yes, you CAN change your mind! You can change your reality; your current situation; you can even change your dreams.

Right now, you might not know exactly how to make the changes you need to make. Or you might be feeling hesitant or reluctant. But deep down, you know what you need to do. It’s never too late to start over! This is your moment to invite something new into your life by releasing the old ways, shedding your skin, and letting go of what is no longer serving you.

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