Will There Be A ‘Bandersnatch’ Sequel? ‘Black Mirror’ Fans Are Ready For More

Black Mirror fans have been obsessing over Bandersnatch ever since the special interactive movie was released on Netflix last month. But, after making their final choice for the main character in the game-meets-movie, fans are wondering if they’ll get to continue to choose adventures for Black Mirror characters in a Bandersnatch sequel. Well, the answer to that question is a bit more complicated than the simple "yes" or "no" you might select on a screen.

Black Mirror creator Charles Brooker told Huffington Post UK that it’s been fascinating to see how different people react to Bandersnatch based on what they’re looking for when they begin the experience. Do they want it to be a straightforward movie? Or a video game? Brooker is the kind of creator who doesn’t have time for haters; you either like his work or you don’t. So he had some choice words for people who didn’t like what he was giving them with Bandersnatch. He said:

Luckily most people are fans of Booker’s work and viewers have been busy soaking up as many of the options in the multi-ending movie as possible. Brooker was unsure at first and worried fans wouldn’t plow through and see all of the options of Bandersnatch has to offer. He said:

Considering Netflix watchers ate up all of Bandersnatch so quickly, it makes sense fans are hungry for more. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Black Mirror fans will see another movie in this style any time soon. Season 5 of Black Mirror will come out later in 2019, but Brooker told The New York Times that none of those episodes will be interactive.

But just because Black Mirror won’t be making anything fans can interact with, that doesn’t mean that Netflix won’t take the choose-your-own-adventure format to other projects. In 2017, Netflix first use the interactive format for a kids’ movie called Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale. Now that Netflix has seen that the interactive format also works for adults, perhaps the streaming service will introduce audience-choice into other series. Brooker warned that it’s a difficult thing for a creator to make work. As a warning to any creators who are thinking about making interactive movies, he said, "Run away. It’s harder than you think.”

Bandersnatch is now available for streaming on Netflix.

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