Winnipeg animal rescue ends up with ‘two-four’ of feral dogs

Taking in three feral border collies from the United States turned into a ‘two-four’ of unexpected puppies for one Manitoba dog rescue.

“I was contacted by a rescue out in Nevada,” Sally Hull of Hull’s Haven Border Collie Rescue told 680 CJOB Monday.

“They went into a very serious hoarding situation, where the gentleman had passed away and left behind I don’t know how many border collies and mixes.

“Basically the dogs were going to be put down if nobody took them.”

Hull said with the help of the Nevada group, three of the dogs were transported up to Grand Forks before she could pick them up for the rest of the journey to Winnipeg.

“The dogs were feral, so they could not be taken out of the crates. I thought I was just dealing with three feral females – I didn’t know they were pregnant. We couldn’t do a spay on them because they were feral.”

Rescued dogs.

A total of 24 puppies were born a few weeks afterwards, with two of the dogs giving birth on the same day and the other a week later.

“They were all at my house out in the country, so with the help of some really good friends, we got the basement set up really fast to take on all the extra work and give them a nice, warm safe place to have their pups,” said Hull.

Two of the 24 puppies.

“It’s just a really difficult situation when they’re all feral.”

Hull said two of the litters have been moved out to a foster in Winnipeg Beach with two buildings dedicated to raising pups, but with the unexpected influx of mouths to feed, necessities like puppy pads, canned puppy food and more are still in need.

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