Woman covered in psoriasis refuses to hide – and can finally look in the mirror

An influencer who has gone viral thanks to her honesty about her psoriasis has decided to stop receiving treatment.

Claire Spurgin, a junior sommelier from Sussex, spent years covering her red flaky patches of skin out of fear people would make fun of her.

But now aged 25, Claire bravely shares snaps of her body as she refuses to hide from the world any longer.

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The content creator decided to stop the treatment she was on as it wasn’t working.

This means she has to wait a while before she can start another, which resulted in a flare-up.

She regularly updates her followers with the progress of her skin, with one caption reading: “I think this is how my skin is now.

“My skin flared so much after I stopped treatment but deep down I knew my psoriasis would calm and I just had to get myself through that flare.

“Something I didn’t talk about was the fact I couldn’t go to work for two days because of my psoriasis.

“My skin was so sore and I was just too emotional. It's now been two months since I stopped Ciclosporin and my psoriasis may be extremely visible but it doesn’t hurt and that’s all I ever wanted!”

Claire, from Essex, has also opened up about how psoriasis and mental health issues often come hand in hand.

Her honesty has helped educate people about various skin conditions.

“When my psoriasis started in 2016 I didn’t see light at the end of the tunnel. My skin condition consumed me and it’s all I could focus on,” she explained.

“I hated my reflection in the mirror and I lost all confidence. It took years until I was able to say the words ‘I have psoriasis.’

“My mindset is the complete opposite now and if I can overcome how I felt at 19, then I can do anything!

“It’s not easy to accept such a change in your appearance but when you realise you’re unique, it becomes easier to show your skin.”

The influencer said that every skin day is unpredictable and lifestyle choices have a huge effect on her skin.

Unfortunately due to Claire’s inconsistent working hours in hospitality, it is hard her for to have a consistent routine.

“My psoriasis is always changing, some days are oddly calm and other days we’re flaring out of nowhere,” she shared.

“For me, there is no telling what my skin will do next and I think that’s because every day in life is so different. Lifestyle has a huge effect on our skin.

“My routine is always changing and with that so are my emotions. Working hospitality my hours and eating habits have no structure and living in the UK the weather is so diverse.”

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Claire said that sometimes you feel like you’re in control of your disease and other times you may sink into despair, which is okay.

She added: “It’s an emotional rollercoaster and it’s teaching us. We learn and we become stronger but it also humbles us.”

The 25-year-old’s honesty and openness has helped her grow her Instagram account, which currently has 44,000 followers.

They regularly share their support on her photos.

“Still stunning and so brave for sharing your journey with us all,” one person wrote.

My beautiful warrior Queen! Stay strong ik [sic] you’ll find a treatment that will help with your flare-ups, stay positive my love!” said another.

A third added: “Bless you! Still soooo beautiful!”


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