Woman defies trolls who leave cruel comments about body by thrusting in bikini

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Influencer Karina Irby has taken to Instagram to show off a few dance moves in response to some cruel comments she received from trolls.

Previously, the Australian beauty had shared the extent of hateful remarks she received which made her feel like she wanted to quit Instagram.

One troll even told Karina to “kill herself.”

Despite the barrage of negativity, the body positive influencer has taken it in her stride.

She has now posted an empowering video of her dancing around in a bikini for her 1.2 million followers.

Hip thrusting to classic Queen hit, Bohemian Rhapsody, Karina embraces her curves and defies the nasty comments.

Donning a skimpy rainbow coloured bikini, the 32-year-old flicks her hair to the beat of the song.

In the next clip, Karina sports a pair of gym shorts and bra, hilariously using a pole as a makeshift microphone.

The influencer lip syncs her heart out whilst her partner lifts some weights in the background none the wiser to Karina’s powerful performance.

Wanting to inspire her followers, Karina captioned the post: “TODAYS VIBE…

“We’re putting good, fun and silly vibes out there, always!”

She continued: “Thank you to everyone for all the kind messages regarding my recent post.

“I couldn’t keep up replying to you all, but please know I see you and you’ve made me feel so so so loved.”

Karina urged her followers: “Don’t forget to let your hair down today and just have fun! Who cares what the haters think.

“LOL. Not me.”

Admiring Karina’s confidence, people fled to the comments to praise the influencer for being so “real” despite the negativity she receives.

One person commented: “Love this! Loving the energy… you’re stunning! Keep shining that light beautiful!”

Another user added: “I freakin adore your humour and realness!! Don’t EVER stop! If you have haters, you’re doing something right.”

While a third person remarked: “I admire you. Thanks for being real.”

Someone else noted: “You keep being your happy and silly self! Some people are evil and cruel and are not worth your time. You’re awesome!!”

Meanwhile, a fifth user stated: “Absolutely gorgeous. Disgusting trolls!”

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