Woman says her household of three adults gets through nine toilet rolls per week

A woman has been slammed online after admitting that her household – made up of three adults – gets through nine toilet rolls every week.

The woman asked Mumsnet just how much toilet roll a reasonable person uses weekly, to find out if her housemates were being excessive.

She soon found out that they most certainly were, according to other Mumsnet users.

Toilet roll usage is often a contentious issue in shared houses, with flatmates often concerned about the cost and the burden of constantly replacing the used up rolls – not to mention the environmental impact.

‘Three adults in my house, two male, one female. I buy a pack of nine a week and we are using 90 per cent of it… honestly I think someone is eating it! What do you use? Is this excessive?,’ wrote the woman in her initial question.

Some people on the site new exactly what this woman was going through.

‘Omg there’s two of us and we use one and a half toilet rolls PER DAY,’ said another.

Others were sure that it all came down to the quality of the loo roll that the woman was buying.

‘I think it depends on the brand,’ she said. ‘I shop at Aldi and get their cheap “luxury” paper but don’t think you get as many sheets to a roll as other brands.’

So what’s the answer? How much loo roll is a normal amount to use?

Nine in a week sounds expensive if nothing else… so maybe it’s time for this particular household to reconsider its diet. Less fibre, maybe?

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