Woman shows off fake engagement ring which has been compared to ‘weird sperm’

A bride proudly showed off her engagement ring on a Facebook group – and it didn’t go down well.

The woman revealed how her ex had splurged on what she thought was a gorgeous ring, but was horrified weeks later when it started to turn green as it was made from copper.

Despite admitting she didn’t know actually know much about jewellery anyway, it was still enough to dump him.

She said: “This is the ring my ex-husband proposed with. I never knew much about jewellery. Discovered a few weeks later when the ring started turning copper that it’s not real.”

It didn’t take long for her band to wind up on the That’s It, I’m Ring Shaming Facebook group where people roasted it.

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One social media user compared it to a “weird sperm”, while another said it’s something an alien would wear.

A person wrote: “This ring is what showed up when you look up red flags.”

Another added: “This ring connects to a Star Trek transporter.”

While a third joked: “He proposed with that?”

And a fourth commented: “Pubes orbiting Pluto.”

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Meanwhile this isn’t the first woman to come under first for her ring.

Previously, a woman got blasted for taking a photo of her engagement ring while driving.

The woman posted several snaps of her labradorite and rose gold ring on the That’s It, I’m Ring Shaming Facebook group.

In the photo, the speedometer of a Honda car can be seen being the woman’s hand, which appears to indicate that she is driving at 40mpg – without using her hands.

One slammed: “Thanks for putting everyone else on the road in danger by taking a picture of your s*** ring.

“Make better decision – like damn, the world doesn’t revolve around you and that ugly a** piece of gravel.”

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