Woman strips down to lingerie and exclaims hip dips are normal

A woman has flaunted her gorgeous curves in pretty undies to show women that "hip dips are normal".

Brooke Sherbert, known as Raising Romey on Instagram, works to promote body positivity and mid-size fashion to her over 8,000 followers.

She regularly shares positive snaps and encourages women to learn to love all their wobbly bits.

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Now she's encouraged people to embrace their hip dips, and she's shown hers off by modelling a casual underwear set.

Brooke told women it's completely "normal" to have them, so it's not something we should worry about or fixate on.

Writing on Instagram, Brooke said: "Just here to remind you that hip dips are normal.

"They are literally the way your skeleton is built, they are literally part of our bone structure!

"Everyone has them they just more visible in some people than they are in others!"

Hip dips are essentially where your hip curves inward slightly to create a bit of a curve.

But as opposed to being caused by weight or overindulging – they're actually the result of genetics and the shape of your pelvis – so the shape of them is not actually in your control.

If a person has hip dips it means that their hip bone is situated higher than their femur, and this leads the muscles and fat curving inwards.

Since sharing the candid snaps many people have praised Brooke for sharing her words of wisdom, and have said she looks "amazing."

One person said: "Beautiful", while another added: "You look amazing."


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