You Never Realized This Crazy Thing About the McAllister House in 'Home Alone'

Watching Home Alone during the holidays is a rite of passage for so many families. This classic Christmas film is a great reminder that nothing is more important than connecting with loved ones during the season – and defending your home against intruders, of course.

There are so many events that occur during the movie, which came out in 1990 that just wouldn’t make sense in today’s world. Leaving the house 45 minutes before a flight without missing it? No way. Not being able to reach your child at home? Not in the age of cell phones. And Kevin’s mom easily could have taken a (pricey) Uber to get home, leaving the polka band behind.

The movie wasn’t necessarily meant to be realistic – just entertaining. But still, every year around the holidays, critics find a new aspect about the film to dissect. This year the movie started trending on Twitter for one hilarious reason.

Be warned: once you see this, you can’t unsee it.

The McAllister house is permanently Christmas themed

Claire Reilly, a senior editor at CNET, noticed why the McAllister had a permanent air of Christmas cheer, even though it wasn’t decorated before the family embarks on their trip to Paris. It’s because all of the home decor is red and green — even the permanent details like wallpaper, carpeting, and bedspreads.

Forget soothing neutrals — the McAllister family obviously had an unhealthy obsession with dark, contrasting colors.

Wallpaper may be back in style now, but red brocade next to a hunter green wall? It’s enough to make the Joanna Gaineses of the world cringe in horror. Then there’s a green plant thrown in for good measure.

In the 1990s, a landline would have been a staple in every household. Even colored, corded phones were common enough. But Reilly questions why the set designers opted for green and intentionally scripted this scene, where Kevin McAllister’s redheaded mom (Catherine O’Hara) speaks on the phone. It’s yet another ode to traditional Christmas hues.

Many scenes, like the infamous pizza event, take place in the McAllister’s kitchen. The kitchen is — you guessed it — clad exclusively in red and green. The tile countertops are green. The cabinets are red. The floor is red. Red, green, red, green, red, green. This is more than just a Christmas movie — it’s a Christmas explosion.

Strange decorating choices aside, Home Alone will always be one of the greatest, most iconic Christmas movies ever made. Even if it’s not realistic and even if home decorators would love to rip apart that stunning mansion and transform the hideous red and green themed decor for something more modern.

The ‘Home Alone’ house sold in real life

The McAllister house wasn’t just an elaborate Hollywood set. It was a real house in Winnetka, Illinois that was listed for $2.4 million in 2011. The previous owners updated the decor, swapping out the red and green overload for a more understated look.

The previous homeowners were proud of the home’s history and iconic status. Though in an interview, they did caution potential buyers that it was probably a bad idea to toboggan down the staircase.

Next time you watch Home Alone, keep an eye out and see how many red and green elements you can spot in the McAllister house!

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