Chelsea boss Frank Lampard reveals he asks wife Christine for advice on player lifestyles if they are late for training

CHELSEA boss Frank Lampard has revealed that his wife Christine helps advise him when it comes to players with off-field issues.

Lampard, 42, turns to former One Show host Christine for a helping hand when it comes to dealing with players "issues which are lifey".

The former England ace and Chelsea captain told The High Performance Podcast : "I throw a lot of things off Christine.

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"I love that I have somebody there who gets working environments – and I love to bounce [things off her] as it’s a different view and opinion.

"I’ve got great staff, but it’s more rounded. Sometimes I say, ‘What do you think about this?

" I’ve a player who didn’t turn up for training yesterday, but we still probably need him at the weekend. What do you think?’

"And she might go, ‘Yeah, but has he got a girlfriend or wife? Is there a problem? Maybe you should speak to them’.

"She’s not picking what full back we’ll play, but if I have issues which are lifey… I’m very fortunate to have someone to bounce things off at home.

"I obviously love her very much, but I really respect her for how she’s got on in her career and how diligent she is.”

Lampard also admitted he is lucky to have found Christine, the couple met back in 2009, got married in 2015 and have a daughter Patricia, aged two.

Talking to Jake Humphrey, Premier League host for BT Sport and host of the podcast, Lampard also highlighted the importance of being able to snap out of football mode and back into normal life.

Frank said: "very lucky I have a wife who can tell me to snap out of it and we go on a date night or for dinner.

“Then I have to not talk about football for two or three hours. That’s the balance you have to strike.”

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