Clueless TikTok dad goes viral guessing NFL team names

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This is a social media family worth following.

Meet Joe Mele and his dad — a dynamic father-son duo who’ve taken the internet by storm with their hilarious videos.

Mele, who goes by “mmmjoemele” on TikTok and Instagram, recently recruited his dad for a seven-part series, where Mr. Mele was faced with NFL team logos and had to guess the correct team names. His bizarre responses, along with Mele’s comical narration, helped the videos go viral — and even nabbed the attention of the Patriots.

Some of Mr. Mele’s guesses included calling the Miami Dolphins logo, “the sun whales” and the Indianapolis Colts logo, “the lucky horseshoes.” He also called the San Francisco 49ers, “the southern fellas.”

One of his best responses was when he labeled the Eagles logo, “the scary looking chickens” — or when he switched leagues entirely, and dubbed the Texans the Chicago Bulls. Additionally, he guessed “tigers” multiple times for NFL logos including the Lions and Jaguars.

When it was time to guess New England’s logo, Mr. Mele was on the right track when he said, “it looks like a Patriot.” Though, his final answer was “the flag men.”

It caught the attention of the Patriots on Instagram, who commented on Mele’s post, writing, “New team name unlocked: New England Flag Men.”

After failing miserably in the logo guessing game, Mr. Mele, who resides in New York, thought he was being fooled when the New York Jets logo, which literally says “Jets,” popped up on the screen.

“There’s no way it’s that easy,” Mr. Mele said, to which his son assured him it was.

“That’s not the Jets,” he replied, shortly after he thought the Giants red and blue “NY” logo was the Jets’ trademark. He also thought the Packers’ “G” logo stood for the Giants.

Mr. Mele is a good sport in his son’s viral videos that have since racked up millions of followers. Mele, the son, has nearly 800k followers on Instagram, and 12.8 million followers on TikTok.

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