Cristiano Ronaldo is like a 'handsome Ken doll from Barbie.. he looks fake' claims Atalanta star

ATALANTA star Papu Gomez claims league rival Cristiano Ronaldo looks "fake" and is a doppelganger of a Ken doll from Barbie.

It is no secret that vain Ronaldo spends a fortune to perfect his looks and ensures every strand of hair is in place in front of the cameras.

The 35-year-old's Instagram is littered with pictures of him modelling and showing off his extraordinary physique.

And Gomez, 32, called the Juventus star as looking like a "handsome doll" after he took a picture with his son.

He told the Libres de Humo podcast: "I asked him if he could take a picture with Bauti [Gomez's son] and I swear it looks fake.

"He's incredible, [like] a handsome doll.

"It's unbelievable. He's Ken, the one from Barbie – handsome."

Despite his age, Ronaldo has shown no signs of slowing down having scored an incredible 30 league goals this campaign including nine in his last nine matches.

He is on the verge of lifting of second Serie A title with Juve six points ahead of Atalanta with three matches to play.

His former Manchester United team-mate Rio Ferdinand revealed how Ronaldo still worries about people's opinions despite everything he has achieved.

He said: "He's gotten to the top but he's still concerned about what people say about him and not having all the recognition he thinks he should have. But that is what makes him so different."

Ronaldo has previously stated how he plans to continue playing into his 40s and you wouldn't put it past him with his gruelling fitness regimes.

Dedication to the gym is obviously key, but Ronaldo follows a Pilates-based routine that focuses on resistance work to strengthen his core.

Rest is also a massive part of his routine, as is his strict diet.

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Get some Vitamin D ☀️

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Get some Vitamin D ☀️

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Post-match exercise has also become a huge part of his regime.

While other players like to sit at home in front of the TV after a match, Ronaldo heads straight to the pool.

He also has a £50,000 Cryotherapy chamber in his house that helps with muscle regeneration.

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