Die-hard Stoke fan Nathan Heaney goes viral with epic 'Delilah' ring entrance before dream deal with Frank Warren

STOKE CITY super-fan Nathan Heaney has a masterplan to help his club lay siege to the Championship’s London sides next season.

The 31-year-old middleweight became a viral sensation last year when his ring-walk video – to the tune of Potters theme tune Delilah – showed a whopping 1,300 diehard supporters causing absolute scenes.

The part-time college teacher – who even has a few students following him between Bolton, Birmingham and their Staffordshire home – has been snapped up by boxing Hall of Fame promoter Frank Warren.

And, once he deals with Ryan Oliver at a fan-free CopperBox on Saturday, a cunning plan is coming together for legendary weekend double headers once the UK is free from Covid-19.

The 10-0 ace told SunSport: “My supporters – who are all almost friends – have followed me whether Stoke have been winning or losing but my manager Errol Johnson has made sure most of my dates have been when we have been playing at home, so everyone can do both.

“Hopefully Frank likes the idea that when Stoke have an away day down in London, he can get me on a card down there and the lads will be able to have the dream weekend.

“Depending on how the promotions and relegations go at the end of the season, and who ends up where, I’d love to thank my supporters for all their help with a weekend away.

“I know that would be absolutely mental and they would buy a lot of tickets.”


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Heaney’s last fight, almost exactly one year ago at the King’s Hall in Stoke, was absolutely packed to the rafters.

Modestly he cannot really pinpoint why he is so popular, admitting he only sold 60 tickets for his November 2107 debut.

But his third caused such a stir on Channel 5 – without even getting broadcast on the Hughie Fury undercard – that word spread around the staunchly working-class city and Heaney’s popularity snowballed.

“I boxed in Bolton but my bout was on too early to be shown on Channel 5 but my supporters stayed there to watch and apparently all you could hear on the TV was ‘Delilah’ being sung over and over again.

“My social media support grew overnight then and it hasn’t really stopped. The last one just went out of control, it was mad.”


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Heaney didn’t turn pro until he was 27 but has boxed since he was nine years old thanks to his fight-loving dad’s constant encouragement.

Tragically Joseph lost his own long battle with mental health in 2019 and took his own life, Nathan raised the alarm and called the police to save himself the extra agony of discovering the body.

Somehow Nathan boxed for the Midlands Area title just four weeks after his father’s funeral and carefully discussed the heartbreak only in the hope it might help anyone else struggling with a similar position.

The doting daddy to four-year-old daughter Ava insists he does not want to use his personal heartbreak to boost his popularity any further but he has a message for anyone else struggling.

“I went to Millwall the next day after my dad passed and didn’t tell anyone what happened,” Heaney said. “While I was there I got a message saying my next fight had just been sanctioned for a title we had always dreamed about, so I knew I had to take it.

“If I had lost, it would have been because I was not good enough, nothing to do with my dad. 

“It’s something that is private and personal to me but I would like to suggest to people suffering with mental health is that you have to try to keep going because you never know what could happen to turn things around.

“If my dad just hung around for just a few weeks longer he would have seen us achieve so much.


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“He used to tell all of his mates that I would get signed by Frank Warren, they probably all thought he was silly and so did I probably.

“But I have done it, I achieved the dream and it’s just a shame that he won’t be here to see it.

“Hopefully now I can go on to represent Stoke well, which is how my dad brought me up, then I can have a positive effect on people.”

If you are experiencing mental health problems, feeling suicidal, or are concerned about someone else call the Samaritans on 116123.

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