Football boss Jose Mourinho caught up in six-hour sandstorm drama at a luxury hotel on exotic Middle East beach

Mourinho was staying at the five star luxury Four Seasons hotel in Qatar when he and other guests were caught up in the weather drama.

The former Chelsea and Man Utd manager was in the tiny Gulf state to appear as a pundit with ex-Sky sports commentator Richard Keys on his Premier League show on beIN Sports.

He is thought to have been paid £60,000 for the six day stint which included first class flights to Doha and a £500 a night hotel suite.

Mourinho had only been in the country 24 hours when the drama happened.

A source said: ”Mr Mourinho was on the beach and lying on a sun lounger when the sky turned very dark.

“He saw dark clouds out at sea and he went up to the assistant manager and asked if it was ok to be on the beach.

“He told him it was fine so he went back but ten minutes later everywhere was black and the wind was throwing sand and dust everywhere really violently.

“Everyone including Mr Mourinho had to be evacuated off the beach and into the hotel for safety.

“It was a really bad storm and lasted six hours. The assistant manager apologised to Mr Mourinho for what happened because he had told him everything would be ok.

“Mr Mourinho joked his hair was even greyer than before as it was full of dust and sand.”

Father of two Mourinho was in Doha to commentate on the Premier League clash last weekend between Arsenal and his old club Chelsea on beIN Sports.

He spent five days in the oil rich Gulf State and during an onscreen interview revealed how since his departure from Utd he had been offered jobs at three clubs.

He also toured the World Cup venues where the tournament will be held in 2022 and praised the organisers for their ahead of schedule preparations.

Mourinho who admitted he had been sceptical when the tournament was added.

To Qatar, said:” I believe that many of us in Europe, players, coaches, clubs – we had some question marks – but when you arrive here you don’t have question marks any more.

“The weather won’t be so hard, I think it’s going to be a fantastic event. I just hope the football itself can give this amazing organisation what you deserve.”

Last month The Sun on Sunday revealed Mourinho, 55, had a close friendship with blonde Prue Carter-Robinson who is 14 years younger than him.

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