Fury vs Wilder RESULT: Gypsy King wins by stunning KO

Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder III: Gypsy King WINS thriller in the penultimate round in Las Vegas, with BOTH men knocked down repeatedly before Bronze Bomber lost out in a sensational trilogy

  • Tyson Fury beat Deontay Wilder for a second and final time to retain his WBC title in Las Vegas
  • The Gypsy King delivered the final crushing blow in the 11th round to end the American’s defiant display 
  • Fury himself however was knocked to the canvas twice by the Bronze bomber in a battle that defied belief
  • The Gypsy King nevertheless prevailed by brute strength, violent force, a granite jaw and a superior skill set
  • He then declared himself the greatest heavyweight in the world and accused Wilder of failing to show respect 
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  • Latest boxing news, including live action and results 

Tyson Fury found his defining triumph in one of the greatest and most heroic heavyweight fights ever seen.

Thus his epic trilogy with Deontay Wilder ended in a brutal 11th round knockout after Fury climbed off the canvas twice, having being floored by the Bronze Bomber’s atomic right hand.

Wilder inflicted those blows after being dropped first himself. He suffered two more knock downs at the climax of a ring war in which the courage and will of two gladiators defied belief.

Tyson Fury beat Deontay Wilder in an incredible trilogy fight in Las Vegas – Pictured: Knocking down Wilder in the third round

Fury was floored by Wilder twice in the fourth round of the fight, before once again recovering against his great rival

Fury looked to be in serious trouble as he faced the count – but he rose to survive the fourth round and come back at Wilder

Round 1: 9-10

Round 2: 10-9

Round 3 – 10-8

Round 4: 7-10

Round 5: 9-10

Round 6: 10-9

Round 7: 10-9

Round 8: 10-9

Round 9: 10-9

Round 10: 10-10

Total: Fury 96-93 Wilder 

Without extraordinary inner fortitude and a willingness to soak up monstrous punishment each could have fallen ten times.

As they reeled between pain and exhaustion either could have been forgiven for succumbing. And it was the referee who had to prevent a semiconscious Wilder from rising yet again.

Fury prevailed by brute strength, violent force, a granite jaw and a superior skill set. As he said: ‘I’m the best heavyweight in the world and he’s the second best. ‘


Anthony Joshua can consider himself fortunate indeed that his long touted mega fight with Fury fell through. Oleksandr Usyk is too small to survive against this Behemoth. So who next for Fury? At this vaulting moment for boxing it hardly matters.

Let us simply give thanks for witnessing greatness and gallantry of the highest sporting order.

Fury stands over Wilder, after knocking the American to the canvas in a series of blows through a brilliant third round

Fury came through the opening two rounds and then dominated against the Bronze Bomber in the third round

Wilder and Fury go toe to toe in the opening rounds of the fight, with both fighters unleashing big blows from the start

Fury wowed the Las Vegas crowd at the T-Mobile Arena with his Centurion entrance and vow to ‘obliterate the dosser’

Fury came out snarling in the first round despite Wilder threatening to work the body and then doing so with the first dozen blows of the fight, before then switching to the head to dominate the first round.

But in the second round the Gypsy King responded with a combination at the start of the it and despite more body work from Wilder, he ended up taking the round.

A set of furious exchanges followed in the third, with Wilder rocking Fury, but the latter came back ferociously to floor Wilder in the fourth and almost finish it within his projected three rounds.

Although that proved not to be the case, Wilder was looking groggy and Fury went for the kill. However, suddenly a big right sent Fury sprawling, before another knockdown followed from the Bronze Bomber and the only thing that saved Fury was the bell.

But it would not all go Fury’s way, as he two was put on the canvas twice by Wilder during a thrilling heavyweight showdown

But Fury struck the first blow in that sense, sending Wilder down to draw first blood in the eagerly-anticipated contest 

And he stuck to his word – although taking longer than the three rounds he said he would – to knockout the American

Fury immediately went over to celebrate a victory in the trilogy after knocking Wilder down in the eleventh round

That led Fury to fight from memory in the fifth and he appeared to be holding on somewhat as the crowd inside the T-Mobile Arena roared for Wilder. But somewhat incredibly, Fury came again in the sixth and had Wilder reeling once more as his right punches began to become increasingly rash and desperate.

A street brawl erupted in the seventh but it was once more Fury who was on top. Both men however were feeling the effect of their strenuous exertions at times, yet it was Fury who again came close to winning the fight.

The eighth saw Wilder take more heavy punishment and he was almost down following another strong showing from Fury, but he somehow rallied at end before receiving attention from the doctor back in his corner. 

Wilder insisted he wanted to carry on just before the start of the ninth but his fortunes did not change, as he promptly was on the end of a mauling again. Yet both men were showing a stupendous effort and the Bronze Bomber still managed to rock his man at end but still appeared to lose the round.

Wilder hit the canvas again from a right punch from Fury, but Wilder seemed to rescue something in the final 10 seconds of the round with quickfire hits to ensure it was the Gypsy King who was saved by the bell.

But ultimately it was Wilder’s challenge that would come to a definitive and sudden halt,  delivering the final blow in the 11th to bring this chapter of his heavyweight boxing career to a close.

Fury was in a relaxed and jovial mood after retaining his WBC belt, but accused Wilder of showing a lack of respect

Fury even afforded himself to have a sing along with the fans inside the T-Mobile Arena following his stunning victory

Fury declared himself as the best heavyweight boxer in the world after beating the Bronze Bomber in Las Vegas again

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Re-live Sportsmail‘s live coverage of Tyson Fury v Deontay Wilder below, brought to you by Ollie Lewis and Kishan Vaghela.

Host commentator

Host commentator

So Tyson Fury retains his WBC crown in another classic heavyweight clash against Deontay Wilder.

The American showed heart but rarely the skill necessary to beat the Gypsy King, who wins 20 months after first claiming the belt. Sportsmail also understands Wilder has now gone to hospital for checks.

Thanks for joining me, and keep an eye out for Jeff’s report from Las Vegas. You’d imagine they’ll be plenty of singing for him tonight!

More Fury quotes: “He’s got no love for me Deontay Wilder. You know why? Because I beat him three times. I’m a sportsman, I went over to him to show some love and respect, but he didn’t wanna give it back. That’s his problem.”

What are your thoughts on the British tennis’ star’s question?

We may get one if Whyte beats Wallin.

“I was down a couple of times, I was hurt, Wilder is a strong puncher,” said Fury.

“It was a great fight. I will not make any excuses, Wilder is a top fighter, he gave me a run for my money. I always say I am the best fighter in the world and he is the second best.

“Don’t ever doubt me. When the chips are down I can always deliver.”

Frank Warren describes it as the best heavyweight fight of all time and few could argue with that given Wilder’s dominance.

The WBC belt stays with Fury, and now he’ll have the eyes on the uniting them all.

‘A sore loser, an idiot. To be a top fighting man you have to show respect, and he didn’t do that. He couldn’t do it.’

Fury was not happy with Wilder’s refusal to congratulate him.

‘I am made pig, iron and steel.

‘I was hurt, Wilder is tough, but the Lord made me rise to my feet. He did not want to give any praise back, but I am the best heavyweight in the world and he is the second.

‘He gave me a run for my money tonight, but I have pulled it out of the bag. Do not ever doubt me whenever the chips are down!’

Official Result: With a knockout win, Fury wins and Deontay Wilder is not hanging around, stumbling his way out of the ring and heads back to his area.

But Fury is silently lapping the appreciation up with his wife Paris next to him.

11 Massive flurry of blows and this time referee does not allow Wilder to rise again
What a fight

Previous Rounds: 10-10, 10-9, 10-9, 10-9, 10-9,  9-10, 7-10, 10-8, 10-9, 9-10

Fury celebrates and Wilder is beaten! He knocks the American down with another right and looks to have retained his WBC title!

The American’s partner is in tears but it looks like that’s it for the American in his hope to topple Fury.

10 Down goes Wilder from a right. But it’s Fury who is saved by the bell 10-10

Previous rounds: 10-9, 10-9, 10-9, 10-9,  9-10, 7-10, 10-8, 10-9, 9-10

Right hand from Fury and Wilder is down yet again. The American is ok to continue but that is another clear knockdown.

There is a show of defiance to the referee but Wilder looks on the brink here and looks to finish him off in this round.

But big uppercuts from Wilder as he looks to hold on, and in the last 10 seconds he may have just turned it round with a couple of heavy shots on Fury.

Scintillating stuff despite his lack of organisation.

9 Doctor comes in to ring to ask wilder if he wants to carry on. He says yes and promptly gets mauled again. Stpendous effort from both men and Wilder rocks his man at end but still loses round l0-9

Previous rounds: 10-9, 10-9, 10-9,  9-10, 7-10, 10-8, 10-9, 9-10

A quick one-two from Wilder sees him land something big and remind Fury he is still in this, and it raises the crowd too.

But the Gypsy King recomposes himself and lands a few strong punches by upping his tempo.

Wilder again comes under an onslaught of punches and tries to wing in a famous right-hand before landing an uppercut.

Great spirit from Wilder yet again.


8 wilder taking heavy punishment and almost down. Somehow he rallied at end. 10-9

Previous rounds: 10-9, 10-9,  9-10, 7-10, 10-8, 10-9, 9-10

Wilder under pressure again and he can do little more than hold on and Fury is well and truly in control.

A couple of left-hand jabs bounce off Fury from Wilder, and a quick in-out from Fury with his feet again has the Bronze Bomber cornered.

Wilder has little plan now and staggers back after the latest strike from Fury which nearly forces the American to the canvas.

Wilder looks out on his feet and is sticking to the ropes and blood comes from his mouth but it is another round which Fury looks to have won despite Wilder’s raise of the fist.

David Haye says Wilder is ‘on borrowed time’.

7 it’s a street brawl now with Fury on top. Both men reeling at times but Fury again close to winning fight 10-9

Previous rounds:10-9,  9-10, 7-10, 10-8, 10-9, 9-10

Wilder survives until the bell but this is becoming an incredible fight between the two.

It is Fury who looks to continue to dominate as we enter the final few rounds here.

6 – incredibly Fury comes again and has Wilder reeling. 10-9

Previous rounds: 9-10, 7-10, 10-8, 10-9, 9-10

It is a fight that is too close to call but even Fury is now showing signs of fatigue.

But he manages to overcome that by landing a strong right, but there seems to be some desperation from Wilder, and he weathers the Fury storm as he bounces into the ropes.

But now there’s another wild right hand from the American, and he is clearly showing negative signs.

5. Fury fighting from memory and holding on Crowd roar for Wilder 9-10

Previous rounds: 7-10, 10-8, 10-9, 9-10

Fury hits back at the start of the fifth, landing a strong, straight right hit as chants of Wilder ring around the arena.

Wilder is putting so much effort into those right hands and that is starting to show as he launches another from far back.

Fury lands another body shot and looks the fresher fighter right now, with Wilder’s legs slowing him down. But Fury was down heavy in the last round and showed the danger Wilder presents.

Wilder still looks groggy. Fury going for the kill. Suddenly big right sends Fury sprawling. Another KO Knock downfollows follows andFury is saved by the bell 7-10

Previous rounds: 10-8, 10-9, 9-10

Wilder’s energy seems to have been sapped following the end of the previous round and Fury is now really on the front.

He has the American on the ropes again but he this time responds, putting Fury down on the canvas. But now it is another swing from Wilder and Fury is down yet again!

Is this going to be redemption for the American? Two knockdowns for Wilder of Fury just before the bell. This is frantic, brilliant stuff. And what heart from Wilder to come back.

3. Furious exchanges wilder rocks Fury, who comes. Back ferocioiosly to floor Wilder I’m the fourth and almost finish it within his projected three rounds 10-8

Previous rounds: 10-9, 9-10

Fury is now also warned by the referee and Wilder gambles and goes with his right-hand, but the Gypsy King is moving away from the Wilder’s jabs.

And the crowd are responding and Wilder lands a few more and it is now Fury holding on in round three.

But there’s the knock down from Fury! He lands a big right hand  and Wilder is down on the canvas. That is potentially huge.

Fury then tries to go in for the kill and Wilder is dazed. What a huge round that was.

2 Fury responded with combination at the start of the second and despite more body work from Wilder took the round 10-9

Previous round: 9-10

Much the same. Fury looks dangerous, couple of good body shots. Wilder throwing big shots but is also having to hold on at times and being urged by the referee to release.

‘Deontay, let him go’… stop!’ The referee repeatedly urges.

1 Fury came out snarling. Wilder had threatened to work the body and he did so with the first dozen blows of the fight then switching to the head to dominate the first round 9-10

We immediately see the right hand from Wilder and dictates early on here, but Fury manages to evade it.

Fury then later responds with shots of his own but generally it is a quiet start from the Gypsy King compared to the second fight.

And there is that Wilder jab again! He has boxed very well in this first round and lands another one to the body. But the best shot of the round goes to Fury, with a strong right jab to finish.

The talking stops. The action begins to decide the destiny of both of the these heavyweight giants! A real stare down between the two as the ref lays down the law.

Hold on to your hats.

The build up had been full of fear and loathing in Las Vegas.
The building was as good as full as Fury and Wilder came to the ring to settle their bitter enmities in their third fight.
The one absent element in the T-Mobile Arena and along the Strip was the UK fans who had been prohibited from flocking to Sin City by the eternity it has taken President Biden to join Britain in a reciprocal lifting of travel restrictions between the two countries.
Next month’s easing came too late to import the full blast atmosphere brought by the Gypsy King’s fellow travellers.
The first semblance of a roar went up as Wilder was show on the big screens arriving resplendent in a black velvet dinner jacket, while giving a walk-a-long TV interview.
Fury was to be seen sitting sprawled in his dressing room as he chatted to another reporter, then stretched out and smiling on an easy chair.
They looked remarkably relaxed for giants who had threatening all week to obliterate and decapitate each other.
After the allegations about dodgy gloves in fight two, Wilder’s co-trainer Jay Deas stood in close watch over the wrapping of the hands of Fury, who told him: ‘You missed the knuckle dusters last time.’
There appeared to be a delay as Fury prowled his dressing room partly dressed and there was no sign of action in Wilders’s quarters.
There were rumours of another issue with gloves. This time Wilder’s.
When the Bronze Bomber did emerge it was in a mask again but a more modest affair than the 40lb extravaganza which sapped his legs last time.
The Gypsy King came among us apparently in the costume of a Roman centurion.

Certainly more of a more elaborate ringwalk from Fury, with drums and some upbeat ACDC music accompanying the Gypsy King’s arrival.

The costume aligns him more with a Roman general more than anything else, and he takes an extremely slow walk towards the ring and even allows himself to bop along to the music.

This should be fun….

Jimmy Lennon Jnr finally gets to announce Wilder’s arrival into the ring after that delay, which was sure psychological, and the dimming of the lights.

I can confirm their is a less snazzy and lighter ringwalk costume than last time from the American, and so will hope it is not too heavy this time…

Fury undergoing some shadow boxing going on between Fury and his coach Sugar Hill Steward.

Meanwhile in the Wilder camp…

Slight delay in Wilder coming out as he gets some final words of advice…. and there is some suggestion he is having issues putting his gloves on.

I don’t think irony is even the word after having words about Tyson’s ever since the second fight.

Mind games? Maybe, but Fury still looks calm as he paces around his room.

iThe anthems of Great Britain and the United States are sung in Las Vegas, and with a lack of Fury fans it is not surprise for the announcement of the former to bring a few boos.

But also some cheers within the arena. 

You can sense the tension inside the T-Mobile Arena right now, the ring walks are just seconds away…

We have been waiting 19 months for this, and it is very nearly upon us. Plenty have had their predictions, so what are yours?

Looks like Sanchez is set to win this one, with the Nigerian not committing himself and the Cuban raises his fist and confident of a win as Ajagba looks despondent.

Sanchez connects with an uppercut and knocks Ajagba’s head back, and then managed the fight from there. All that remains now is the main event.

One judge scores it 97-92 and two 98-91, meaning another win for Sanchez.

Don’t think the crowd are particularly enjoying the lack of action in this one, although Ajagba tries to change that in the seventh with a clean strike on Sanchez.

But then it is Sanchez who strikes with a right hand over the top! It is counted as a knockdown and the Cuban finishes strongly!

Terence Crawford and Ryan Garcia among those boxers currently in attendance at the T-Mobile Arena, no doubt eager to see which way the big one goes… 

But meanwhile the circumspect approach from Sanchez and Ajagba continues, with the Nigerian not using that well known straight right which has become known as his best weapon.

Into round five but still little to shout about for the crowd.

There was not a lot to split Ajagba and Sanchez in the opening rounds, with the Nigerian responding well before the Nigerian came back into it.

Three rounds gone and little to split them, with the duo exchanging blows in the third, although the Nigerian’s appeared to land a better blow.

John Fury may be a miss for son Tyson in and around him in Las Vegas this morning, but Sportsmail did catch up with him earlier this week.

Click below to read what he had to say on the trilogy fight.

Next up it’s the undefeated Cuban Frank Sanchez against fellow big hitter Efe Ajagba.

The Cuban’s manager said he can steal the limelight from Fury and Wilder, sitting No 11 in the WBC rankings.

But will they be challenging the duo in the main event in the future? Tonight may give us an indication.

Tommy Fury also speaking ahead of this blockbuster and says deal to fight YouTuber Jake Paul is ‘looking good’.

‘Tyson is very relaxed, no tension, he knows he has a dangerous job, I think he is really prepared for that.

‘He knows Wilder better than Wilder’s mum does! Two completely different fights and providing he maintains his composure, I expect him to get through it.’

How relaxed I hear you ask. Well…

All bleary eyes on Las Vegas on Sunday morning: Tyson Fury v Deontay Wilder III and the climax of a very modern rivalry which dates back to 2014, when Fury took to Twitter and warned: ‘I want u punk.’

An apology followed 15 minutes later — turned out he’d tagged England footballer Lucy Bronze, not the Bronze Bomber. Ali-Dawn Fraser, eat your heart out. Now, though, among the big questions ahead of this trilogy fight: how will Wilder cope en route to the ring?

Last February, his 40lb costume explained the pummelling he received. Apparently. It was among Wilder’s more bonkers excuses. But still, he is taking no chances this time.

The referee finally calls an end and pulls Kownacki out of it, and it looks like it’s a disqualification.

The Pole’s right eye had also started to swell up, but replays now show that it was actually Kownacki attempting another low blow on Helenius that stops the contest, and a disastrous performance ends and a second straight defeat to the Finn arrives.

Well well, Kownacki survives another round and the fight has not been stopped as we enter round 6. Few would argue that this is not madness…

Unbelievable that this fight is still taking place, Helenius is beating Kownacki up here pretty much.

But the doctor has been called by the referee regarding the Pole’s eye… surely only a matter of time

Kownacki has to eat up some more shots and it is very much only heading one way this fight. The corner surely has to look at him though, he is clearly struggling to see out of that left eye.

Helenius completely in control, managing more head shots with that strong jab, before we get a brief look at Fury and Wilder watching the fight from their rooms.

Fury is the definition of laid back, lying almost flat on his back. The Gypsy King is really oozing confidence.

Kownacki really struggling to keep his left eye open due to the several blows he has already taken, but he seems to be failing to carry out the instructions from his corner to get the head movement going.

But then there’s a low shot from the Pole on the Finn, let’s say, and it was right on target. Another Helenius round though and it is all the Finn after three rounds.

Good start from Robert Helenius, landing a couple of blows early on the Pole using his reach advantage.

Kownacki struggling so far to knock the Finn back and is lacking some foot movement to try and stem his opponent.

And the Finn then lands a couple more blows to the head, leaving Kownacki struggling and only just seeing it through to the bell in a poor first round for the Pole.

One of the most eagerly anticipated undercard events, as Kownacki and Helenius square off in a rematch following the latter’s shock knockout around 18 months ago.


Around 40 minutes after Fury’s arrival at the T-Mobile Arena, Deontay Wilder arrives, looking as focused as ever.

Meanwhile, about to get going in our next heavyweight clash

The Gypsy King recently had to dash back from the US after becoming a dad again when wife Paris gave birth to daughter Athena in August.

Now, speaking about his kids in a new interview ahead of his fight in Vegas with Deontay Wilder, Fury, 31, said: ‘They’re all going to box because even if they’re not going to be boxers, it teaches them respect for life.’

And there’s the win for Anderson, making it 10 out of 10 in his career against the Russian southpaw!

The Russian looked dazed just moments before the stoppage, with the American managing to land a couple of excellent right-hand shots to his head and is all smiles.

The next big American thing?

Next up, we have heavyweight and undefeated prospect Jared Anderson taking on Vladimir Tereshkin of Russia.

The Russian is unbeaten in 14 years but he has acknowledged how tough Anderson – who has nine KOs in nine fights – will be a tough opponent.

And so it is proving so far, with Anderson landing a number of blows in the opening round.

On the Fury v Wilder undercard, Edgar Berlanga has beaten Marcelo Estaban Coceres on unanimous decision

All three judges scored it 96-93 in favour of the American.

Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder III winner

Tyson Fury: 2/7

Deontay Wilder: 5/2

Draw: 25/1

Method of victory for Fury vs Wilder III

Fury to win by KO/TKO or DQ: 10/11

Fury to win by decision/technical decision: 13/5

Wilder to win by KO/TKO or DQ: 16/5

Wilder to win by decision/technical decision: 22/1

Draw or technical draw: 22/1

Big Fight Specials

Will the fight go the distance?

Deontay Wilder to be knocked down: 8/11

Both fighters to be knocked down: 6/1

Fury to win in rounds 1-6: 11/4

Wilder to win in rounds 1-6: 5/1

Fury to win inside 60 seconds: 80/1

Pre-fight odds provided by Betfair.

We have seen two vastly different game plans from Tyson Fury across two bouts with Wilder, both of which have resulted in largely positive results for the Gypsy King.

Having dominated the Bronze Bomber last time out, you’d expect more of the same from the champion.

However, Wilder’s approach to this third fight is stirring intrigue among the boxing masses. After taking on a new trainer, it remains to be seen what tweaks the 35-year-old has made to his strategy.

Click below to read more.

JOHNNY NELSON: This is the key area for me. If Wilder really believes he was cheated out of the last fight and his defeat was the fault of others, then he has a serious problem. I believe that it is his way of trying to wind up Fury.

Fury’s father John has warned his son about the amount of people hanging round him and too many distractions in the build-up. I must say that is my concern too, that Fury has taken his eye off the ball against a man with everything to prove.

Click below to read more.

Tyson Fury hit the scales at his heaviest yet – 277 pounds – and that is in huge part down to his diet set out by famed nutritionist George Lockhart.

The American, who has worked with Conor McGregor, told Coffee Friend that Fury is gulping down 5,000 calories a day to keep himself in fighting shape for Fury v Wilder III.

Click below to read more. 

Elite athletes have to make a whole host of sacrifices to reach the summit of their profession and Tyson Fury is no different. 

The Gypsy King spoke to Sportsmail’s Jeff Powell earlier this week about cutting out sex this camp, as well as a habit he confessed to under taking ‘seven times a day’.

Click below to read more.

John Fury has been rather outspoken on his son, Tyson’s, boxing career. The family patriarch was behind Tyson’s decision to switch trainers from Ben Davison to SugarHill Steward and has recently expressed concerns about his son being surrounded by yes men.

And ahead of the WBC champion’s trilogy fight with Wilder, Fury Sr sees nothing less than an ‘explosive’ victory for the Gypsy King. 

Click below to read more.

Boxing’s most asked question is ‘what’s next?’ and for Fury and Wilder, what lies ahead remains a much pondered question.

Both men have insisted they have their minds set on the task at hand, but it appears that after a prolonged wait, the WBC’s mandatory challenger – Dillian Whyte – is up next.

Click below to read more.

Elsewhere in the heavyweight division, Anthony Joshua has activated his rematch clause with Oleksandr Usyk, with a rematch expected to take place early next year.

Click below to read more. 

Stars have flooded in with their messages of support for Tyson Fury ahead of his trilogy bout against Deontay Wilder. 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Drake and Gary Neville have all backed the Gypsy King heading into his heavyweight finale. 

Tyson Fury’s team suggested he may weigh as much as 290lbs for tonight’s fight but at the official weigh in the Gypsy King hit the scales at 177lbs.

Wilder, meanwhile, has weighed in seven pounds heavier than he did for their rematch in February 2020, his weight of 238lbs has stirred debate among fans and pundits as to the Bronze Bomber’s game plan.

Click below to read more.

Deontay Wilder has made a host of lamentable excuses for his terrible performance 20 months ago and he has been at it again ahead of tonight’s showdown.

The Bronze Bomber, 35, kicked up a fuss over Tyson Fury’s gloves for the trilogy fight, despite the fact that the Nevada State Athletic Commission have cleared the gloves.

Click below to read more.

Iron Mike was not impressed with Anthony Joshua nor Oleksandr Usyk a couple of weeks ago. He will certainly be watching again tonight. 

With another eagerly-anticipated bout between the pair swiftly approaching, Sportsmail takes you through everything you need to know. 

Tonight is the night! In just a few short hours all the talking, cheating accusations and hijinks will be over and the finale that has been 20 months in the making will finally get under way.

Don’t go anywhere as we will be building up towards tonight’s fight before Kishan Vaghela will provide round-by-round updates from Las Vegas.

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