Golf beauty Paige Spiranac responds to death threats by selling custom T-shirts with mocking messages – The Sun

PAIGE SPIRANAC has released her own range of custom T-shirts inspired by the death threats she received online.

The 27-year-old golfer was bombarded with hate mail after she angered the "golf cart mafia" by calling out pushcart users.

But the American beauty has made the best of a bad situation by using the slogans on her new clothing line.

She gave fans a glimpse of the collection when she shared a selfie with her 2.5million followers on Instagram.

In the snap, Spiranac proudly wore a white t-shirt with "PUSH IT" printed across the front in black letters.

Others t-shirts from the new range read "Mama didn't raise no b****", "Push it real good" and "Stay strapped."

The 27-year-old put the tops up for her sale on her website for up to $27 (£21).

Speaking on her “Playing A Round” podcast, Spiranac hit out at those who got upset by her comments.

She said: “I know that pushcarts are actually good, like if you have back issues.

“But if you’re mad at me for calling you a b****, that’s what makes you a b**** – being that upset about a pushcart.”

Spiranac, who was a pro golfer for one year, tweeted: “I just got a death threat over a pushcart. Pushcart mafia rolls deep. Literally.”

She has managed to keep on top her game from home during the coronavirus crisis – and has even mastered an impressive cleavage trick shot.

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