Golf glamor girl Paige Spiranac defends 'FUNNY' Woods tampon prank

‘If anyone tries to cancel Tiger over this, we riot!’: Golf glamor girl Paige Spiranac defends ‘FUNNY’ Woods tampon prank… after 15-time major winner was forced to apologize

  • Tiger Woods was seen handing Justin Thomas a tampon after outdriving him 
  • Social media has been split, with some slamming Woods others backing him
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Paige Spiranac has jumped to the defense of Tiger Woods amid the backlash he has received for a tampon prank between him and golf partner Justin Thomas.

Woods handed his friend and rival Thomas a tampon during the first round of the Genesis Invitational, shortly after out-driving him on the tee, with cameras – unfortunately for Woods – capturing the moment.

Spiranac, a former college golfer turned model and influencer, was quick to react to the situation and said: ‘If anyone tries to cancel Tiger over this we riot. It’s funny.

‘It’s interesting to see women outraged by Tiger slipping JT a tampon after out driving him but those same women will quickly tear me down for how I’ve decided to build my business. You can’t pick and choose when to be a feminist.’

Woods spent the day receiving criticism for the joke, which he eventually apologized for after his second round on Friday.

Paige Spiranac took to Twitter to defend Tiger Woods amid the backlash of his tampon joke

Spiranac posted her initial defense of Woods by saying that he should not be canceled

Woods was seen handing Thomas a tampon after out driving him on the ninth hole on Thursday

One of those who blasted Woods was USA Today sports columnist Christine Brennan.

‘I’m guessing most of the millions of fathers and mothers who support their athletic daughters probably have long since retired all their juvenile pranks that were intended to demean the ability of those girls they love and for whom they spend so much time cheering,’ Brennan wrote. 

‘But not our Tiger. No, he employed basic misogyny to insult his good friend Thomas, a knee-slapper of a dig against female athletes: You hit the ball like a girl!’

Another media member who came down hard on Woods was Sky Sports golf analyst Sarah Stirk, who furiously criticized Woods for being ‘crass.’

‘My overriding feelings are completely surprised and really disappointed. I’m a female working in sport, I’m passionate and love the game of golf, and think we are all striving for equality,’ Stirk said via Sky Sports.

‘We’ve all seen the massive inroads everyone is doing promoting women’s sport, there is more media exposure, increase in participation levels, we want women sport to be on a level playing field with men.

‘I think this incident last night was extremely disappointing and crass to be honest. They are two good friends JT and Tiger Woods, good buddies, play a lot together.

‘Woods outdrove Thomas, it was seemingly done in jest but to me it was sort of laddy, blokeish behavior,’ she added.

‘He passed him the tampon and is effectively saying “look I’ve outdriven you, you’re driving the ball like a woman”.

‘This is the inference of the incident that happened and that says females and women are inferior to men.’ 

Spiranac is never forthright in offering her opinions and she leaped to the defense of Woods

She continued her defense by posting further thoughts and a more productive idea to help

Both men saw the funny side of Woods’ prank, which came after he outdrove Thomas

Sky Sports golf presenter Sarah Stirk has blasted Woods for his actions on the golf course

Spiranac would go on to advocate for a more strategic response than angry criticism or canceling .

‘Instead of women being outraged by Tiger and the tampon, I would love for them to actually provide ideas to help,’ she tweeted.

‘For example I would have [Tampax] team up with the PGA tour to run a campaign where they provide free feminine products at golf courses.

‘Most don’t actually have them and during long rounds it can be a problem for us.’

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